Complete Health Care with Lemon

Lemon, which is naturally found in all countries in all seasons can be used as best medicine to prevent many diseases and also cure many health issues at home.Lemon for health care at home

Lemon used to cure common Health Ailments

1. Loose Motions : Mix 1 spoon lime juice and pinch of salt in luke warm water and drink.

2. For Obesity : Mix lime juice n 2 spoons of honey in lukwewarm water and have daily in early morning on empty stomach

3. Ear Pain : Dilute 1 piece of rock salt in spoon of lime juice. now put 2 drops of this solution in the paining ear for immediate relief.

4. Allergy : Grind lime leaves with salt n haldi(turmeric powder) and apply the paste non the body and bath after an hour.

5. Skin Diseases : Massage the affected area with lime and Tulasi juice.

6. Knee Pains : 2 spoon lime juice, 1 spoon garlic juice and mixx well and have it twice a day.

7. Paronychia : Hole a lemon. put some haldi(turmeric) and insert the affected finger in it.

8. Respiratory Problems : Add 1 full lemon juice in a cup of tea and have.

9: Hair Care : Apply the lime juice to scalp n wash off an hour later for anti dandruff.

10. Better Skin Complexion : Massage the lime juice on black spots(any where on the body like elbows, knees, back of neck etc). wash off 20 minutes later.

11. Bleeding through Nose : Put 1 or 2 drops of lime juice in the bleeding nostril.

12. Adding 1 full lemon juice to 15 litres of water and then drinking it throughout the day when thirsty is a good practice. It cleans intestines from all leftovers and keeps stomach healthy.
This method works more effectively when you are fasting for entire day.

13. Take Lemon Slices(skin), salt and boil them in water.
Now use that hot water for bathing and it will remove all body pains, laziness, lethargy and fatigue.

14. Mix 1 Lemon Juice, 1 garlic juice and take twice a day to remove knee pains.

15. If tongue feels tasteless, then rub lime slices on it to make it feel better.

16. Dry lemon slices for a day and then burn them in a vessel.
This smoke will remove all bacteria, virus from home.

17. For itching and allergies on skin, make a thick syrup with candy sugar and add 1 lemon juice and drink daily.

18. 10 gms each of lime juice, honey, 5 gm salt, 100 ml water and boil them.
Take this solution in luke warm condition to remove cough.
Use only half of this quantity for children below 12 years.

19. Add 1 lime juice in a cup of tea to control asthma.

20. Massage with freshly cut lime slices till its juice sinks into skin to remove pains from anywhere on body.

21. Mix castor oil and lime juice equally and apply on scalp to remove excess heat from head.
Wash after an hour.

22. Massage with lime juice on teeth to kill germs and have fresh breath.

23. Daily take 1 lime juice in morning and night for sound sleep.

24. Rub fresh lime slice on scalp and wash after few minutes to remove dandruff from hair.