Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj) benefits and usages

Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj)Eclipta alba (Latin) (syn. Eclipta prostrata Latin), commonly known as False Daisy , yerba de tago, and bhringraj, is a plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. Root well developed, cylindrical, greyish.

Eclipta Alba known as ‘Bhringraj’ in sanskrit/hindi and ‘kehraj‘ in Assamese and karisalankanni in Tamil.
It grows commonly in moist places as a weed all over the world. It is widely distributed throughout India, China, Thailand, and Brazil. In ayurvedic medicine, the leaf extract is considered a powerful liver tonic, rejuvenative, and especially good for the hair. A black dye obtained from Eclipta alba is used for dyeing hair and tattooing. Eclipta alba also has traditional external uses, like athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis, on the scalp to address hair loss and the leaves have been used in the treatment of scorpion stings. It is used as anti-venom against snakebite in China and Brazil.
Bhringraj helps to improve hair growth and colour.
In india, it is grown along side of rice fields and its leaves are used in preparing food.
Infact eclipta alba extracts are known to grow hair faster than minoxidil.
Oil made with mixture of bhringraj’s juice helps hair growth and prevents premature greying.

Bhringraj (eclipta alba) oil for thick natural color hair

Extract 1 litre juice from eclipta alba’s leaves, 1 litre pure coconut oil, 1 litre Amla (india gooseberry) juice, biryani leaves (100gms) and boil them together till all water in these juices is evaporated and only oil remains with extracts of these herbs.
Filter the herbal extracts(if any) after the oil cools down and store this oil in a glass bottle / jar.
Applying this oil everyday, atleast 1 hour before washing your hair will stop premature greying, arrest hairfall and also increase hair length quicker.

Bhringraj Kohl(Kajal/Surma/ಕಾಡಿಗೆ/కాటుక/کاجل ) for eye protection

Collect equal amounts of bhringraj leaves juice, Trianthema decandra juice, drumstick leaves juice, bittergourd leaves juice and mix off them in a brass plate.
Let this mixture dry under sun. After water evaporates, only powder remains in plate.
Collect this wet paste in a thin cotton white cloth and roll it like a light wick.
Now lit this wick after dipping this wick in cow ghee.
Place a copper plate on top of this lamp so that all its heat is collected as black deposit under that copper plate.
After the wick completely burns out, collect that black deposit under the copper plate using a dry strong leaf (example: palm leaf) and drop it in that copper plate.
Add lime juice and mix it thoroughly and then let it remain for 24 hours.
Next day, store this Kohl in a small box/tin and apply it every night before sleep as you apply kohl/kajal/surma.
This will clear all eye related diseases, sight problems and give glow to eyes.

Bhringraj oil for head related ailments

Add 200 ml of bhringraj leaves juice, 200 gms of cow ghee, 10 gms of robustal berries powder, yashtimadhuka powder 10 gms and boil them until only cow ghee remains.
After cooling down, filter out the herbs and store this oil.
Put 3-4 drops of this oil(warm) in nostrils every morning by bending your neck back and breath deeply.
This will elimate almost all ailments that emerge inside head and above neck.

Massaging this oil will also makes nerves stronger and avoid frequent numbness at any part of the body.

Eclipta Alba juice for underfeet/heel pain and

Massage you underfeet/heel skin with eclipta alba juice regularly to cure this pain.
This also helps if women have cracked heels.

For Hearing problem / Ear aliments

Collect 250 ml of eclipta alba leaves juice, 50 ml of Amla juice, 50 ml of garlic juice and mix them.
Seperately collect equal amount of ajwain seeds, vasa(Adhatoda vasica), black pepper, cloves and crush them to make 50 gms powder.
Boil 500 ml of goat milk and 500 ml of oil extracted from cockscomb seeds and add above 50 gms powder while boiling.
After the milk evaporates and only oil remains, the add above collected juices and boil again.
Filter the herbs and store the oil.
Everyday put few drops of this oil in ears with your head bent sideways and let the oil sink in.
This helps in eliminating all hearing related problems, ear ache, puss formation in ear etc.

Eclipta Alba cures Dehydration and uncontrolled Purogation

Mix 25 ml of eclipta alba leaves juice, 30 gms of honey and consume it twice a day to control dehydration and uncontrolled purogation.
It eliminates all wastage from stomach, intestines and cleans them.

Bhringraj for childless women

If any women doesn’t get pregnant easily, she can use these bhringraj leaves as flowers in her hair while having sex. This helps her become pregnant soon.

Alopecia Areata cure with Eclipta Alba

Collect entire bhringraj plant and crush it to make pulp/paste and apply it on effected area of scalp.
Repeat this step daily for 100 days and wash after 1 hour.
New hair follicles will slowly emerge from bald areas.

Eclipta Alba cure for Jaundice

Mix 5 gms of bhringraj leaves, 5 gms black pepper, 50gms of buffallo curd and consume it 4-5 days withour fail to cure all types of jaundice.
During these days avoid salt, pepper/spice and sweet and sour tastes in your food.