Home Made Natural Tips for Strong Shiny Teeth

Dental problems, loose wisdom teeth, strong molars, premolars, worn enamel, cavities, bleeding gums, shining white teeth and general home made remedies and precautions
Healthy Strong Teeth

Human teeth are a real miracle of nature. They help in cutting and chewing the food. There are four types of teeth, incisors, canines, molars and premolars. While the incisors cut the food, canines tear food. The molars and premolars crush and chew the food. Every person has two sets of teeth in his lifetime (Diphodant). Teeth are embedded in the jaws and covered by gums. Teeth are made up of four major components of which enamel is the hardest. The other three are dentin, cementum and pulp. Enamel coats the outer part of the teeth. Dentin lies between the cementum and pulp. It is softer then enamel, decays easily and cavities are formed here.It supports the crown of the tooth.

Cementum is a bone like thing covering the root of the tooth.It is softer than enamel and dentin.Pulp is the central part of the tooth filled with soft tissue.It has blood vessels and nerve endings. There are mainly two causes of Dental problems. One is plaque, which is a biofilm of bacteria forming on the tooth. The other is tooth decay. It is caused by acid producing bacteria in the presence of carbohydrates.

Universal Remedy for Dental Diseases :

Take equal quantities of strong tobacco, Haritaki or terminalia chebulia, red clay soil, black pepper and edible camphor. Burn the tobacco and Haritaki (terminalia) and keep the ash aside. Grind the black pepper and filter using a cloth. Now grind together the tobacco ash, black pepper powder, red clay, and edible camphor. Add 100 grams of chalk powder to this and mix well. Store in a cool and dry place. Brush daily both in the morning and evening with this powder. Gradually the plaque on the teeth will dissolve and you will get shining white teeth. Also all teeth related problems will be cured.

More Specific Remedies for Dental and Gum Problems :

  • For Loose Wisdom Teeth:
    If the wisdom teeth or any other teeth are loosening and threatening to come loose, try the following remedy. Take equal quantities of cyprus rotundus or Haritaki, dry ginger powder, Indian long pepper, black pepper, Embelia Ribes, tender neem leaves and grind them into a powder. Filter this powder with a cloth to get a fine powder. Take this powder, add neem leaves and cow urine and make a fine paste. Roll into pea sized balls dry in the sunlight and store in a container. Twice a day put one pill in the mouth and suck on it. This will strength the gums, teeth and also cure dental problems.

    Take equal quantities of long pepper, Himalayan pink salt, cumin seeds. Dry them in the sunlight and grind them together. Filter them with a cloth and keep aside. Measure the above powder and take an equivalent quantity of chalk powder. Now mix the chalk powder in the above filtered powder. Masticate or brush the teeth with the above powder twice daily to strength teeth and gums.

  • For Strong Molars and Premolars:
    Method-1: Obtain 350 grams of pomegranate skin powder, 200 grams boiled alum (after beating to a fine powder), 50 grams of Annuclus pyretrum, 70 grams of dry rose powder, and 50 grams of gallnut. Mix all of them together and beat into a powder. Later filter the powder with a cloth to get a fine powder. Store in a glass bottle. Brush twice daily with this powder to get rid of worms in teeth and pain in gums. Also teeth will become white.

    Method-2: Obtain equal quantities of cumin seeds, Haritaki, Himalayan pink salt and red silk cotton tree thorns. Put them all together and powder. Store in a cool and dry place. Twice a day rub this medicinal powder on the teeth and gums. This will cure bleeding teeth, swelling gums, painful teeth and loose molars.

    Method-3: Take one part of ghee, two parts of honey in the mouth. Swivel this mixture in the mouth and spit out. This will strength loose molars and prevent them from falling out. This also is an excellent remedy for foul smelling mouth.

  • For Shining White Teeth:
    Take raw arecanut and burn them to a ash. Measure this ash and keep aside. Now take cinnamon stick, clove, dry ginger, pepper, Himalayan pink salt. Mix these and grind them to a powder. Next filter using a cloth. Now mix the arecanut ash and this powder and measure its quantity. Towards the end take an equal quantity of chalk powder and add to the above arecanut medicinal powder. Store in a bottle. Masticate the teeth with this powder twice a day. In a few day the plaque will come of the teeth and they will shine like pearls.
  • For Cavities, Worn Tooth Enamel, Bleeding Gums, and Rotten Teeth:
    Method-1: Obtain some Aristolochia Bracteolate, and grind the leaves to a fine paste. Put this paste below the rotten tooth. This will kill the germs and worms and give relief.

    Method-2: Obtain Indigofera tinctoria root and grind into a paste in a mortar and pestle. Make small pills of this paste and put on the problem tooth and press with the other tooth for some time. This will kill the worms in the teeth and give relief.

    Method-3: Take equal quantity of pepper powder, Indian nettle leaves and grind them together into a fine paste. Make small pills of this paste and put on the problem tooth and press with the other tooth for some time. This will kill the worms in the teeth and give relief.

    Take equal quantities of asafoetida, raw candy sugar powder, and deodar tree bark powder. Dry all of them in sunlight and grind them into a powder. Filter with a cloth and store. As and when required take a little of this powder, add some water and make into big pills and dry them. Put one pill on the infected, rotten teeth and press it for sometime. This will kill all parasites in the tooth and cure the disease.

General Advice for Maintaining Healthy Strong Teeth :

For people suffering from teeth problems drinking or eating hot and cold food, drink is not advisable. Also avoid smoking and meat.
Consuming foods rich in calcium like milk, carrot, radish , leafy vegetables is highly recommended.