Mint Leaves and health benefits

Mint Leaves in AyurvedaMint descends from the Latin word mentha, which is rooted in the Greek word minthe, and is usually thrives in cool, moist spots under partial shade.
Mints are supposed to make good companion plants, repelling pest insects and attracting beneficial ones.
Harvesting of mint leaves can be done at any time.

Medical benefits of Mint :

For Anaemia and low blood pressure : Foe people suffering from anaemia, white spots on skin, low B.P, extract juice from fresh mint leaves and take 3-4 table spoons of this juice, twice a day before breakfast and dinner.
This produces fresh blood and cures anaemia and low b.p

Fainting, Headaches, Migraines : If a person is weak and faints frequently, then make paste of mint leaves and wrap them in a thin silk or cotton cloth.
Make them inhale the strong mint smell through this wrapped cloth.
This should be done thrice a day, five minutes each time.
It will cure frequent fainting and also clear headaches, migraines etc.

Stomach aches and indigestion : Collect 30 fresh mint leaves, 3 black peppers, half table spoon of black salt, 1/4th tablespoon of fried cardamom (elaichi) seeds powder, 2 gms of tamarind paste (without seeds).
Mix all these ingredients in a glass of water and cosume it thrice a day.
This will clear all stomach and intestines related problems.

Earache : Collect 5 gms of white layer subtstance found of leaves of Gigantic Swallow Wort (Madaar in Hindi, Jilledu in Telugu, Arka in Sanskrit, Vellai Erukku in Tamil) and mix it with 25 ml of mint leaves juice.
Use them like ear drops (4 drops twice a day) and it will kill all germs in ear and give relief from earache.

Fear of Abortion : If women have fear of abortion during pregnancy due to weakness or past experiences, they can use this method.
Collect fresh mint leaves and dry them under shade.
Make their fine powder and store in a glass bottle.
Everyday 2 gms of this powder (thrice a day) through nostrils and it will protect your embryo.

Low menstrual bleeding : Women who have this problem can make fresh mint juice (6 table spoons) twice a day and have it with or without sugar(choice for taste).
This will regulate menstrual bleeding.

Bleeding mouth or nose : Due to excess heat in body, few persons bleed through nose or gums.
They should have fresh mint leaves juice (100 ml) mixed with with candy sugar.
Depending on intensity of their problem, they can have this juice 2 or 3 times per day.