Natural and Ayurvedic Hair Dye using Garlic

Ayurvedic Natural Hair Dye with GarlicUsing chemical and ammonia based liquid hair dye is dangerous for scalp and hair health.
Even power based hair dyes have chemicals which can harm your eyes and effect eyesight.
With these products, you will lose hair quicker than normal.

Using henna based powder hair dye will make hair dull and color will lose soon.
Frequent re-coloring will make hair look more duller.
So, here is a natural method to make long lasting hair dye using peel of layer over garlic.

Ingredients needed to make Natural Ayurvedic Hair Dye :

  • Garlic (large quantity)
  • Olive Oil (
  • Cotton Cloth

PROCEDURE to make natural hair dye :

1. Take garlic peel(outer skin like layer) in large quantity because on making ash it will come to small quantity.
2. Roast the garlic peel on a pan till it becomes black ash.
3. Filter the ash to get fine powder with a cotton cloth.
4. Add olive oil to this ash and stir it to make it just like hair dye paste.
5. Preserve it for 7 days(do not store in refrigerator) in glass bottle in darkness.
6. After 7 days apply it to hair in the same way as hair die. Preferably apply it at evening times and have head bath next morning.
7. For still better results don’t do head bath the next day instead keep it like that for 2 to 3 days and then have a bath.

This hair color will give natural look to hair and will last for long period and also keeps hair healthy because of oilve oil mixture.
Also add biotin, zinc, iron, iodine and protein supplements to your diet to keep hair healthy and in natural color.

For Curly Hair naturally : Follow steps 1,2,3,4 above and apply the paste after 30 minutes to hair roots on scalp.
Leave this paste on scalp for 1 hour and then wash your hair.
This application will make your hair curly from roots. For more curly hair, repeat this process every 15 days for couple of months.