Natural cure for Spleen problems

Recipe No.1Spleen problems ayurvedic cure

Yoga and Praanaayaam:
i) Vipareeta Karani
ii) Matsyasanam
iii) Pavanamuktasanam
iv) Trikonasanam
v) Merudanda
vi) Udarachalanam
vii) Udyanabandhan
viii) Sakti Mudra
Recipe No.2:
Add 1 pinch crystal salt powder to 50 gm cow’s urine (sieved 7 times after leaving first and last urine) and take early in the morning for 40 days. Children can take 10 gm cow’s urine with salt.
Enlargement of spleen, liver problems will subside.

Recipe No.3:
Cleaned (ajwain)Vamu : 100 gm
Soak ajwain(Vamu) in Aloevera juice placed in a mud pot over night. Keep it in sunshine and mix the juice. Then juice gets absorbed into ajwain. Repeat the process for 3 days. After completely drying make powder and store.
Children : 2 to 3 pinches
Elders : 1/4 sp. with water before one hour of taking food for 40 days.
All spleen problems will be cleared, indigestion, tastelessness, impurities stored in spleen and stomach are cleared.
Recipe No.4:
Can take roti prepared with unpolished wheat. Roti can be taken with podina chutney or raddish curry without oil or ghee. Avoid rice, black gram, green gram, oils, ghee, excess chilly, excess sour and non-vegetarian food.
Recipe No.5:

Due to damage of spleen, it enlarges and stomach bulges. Boil 20 gm boorugu(Bombax Melabarcium ) flowers in 1/4 litre water for 5 min. Remove from stove and keep it soaking through out the night. Early in the morning filter the syrup(kashaayam). Add 3 pinches mustard powder and drink it daily. Enlargement of spleen problem is eliminated.

Recipe No.6:
Drink juice of riped mangoes along with one spoon honey two times a day. Enlargement of spleen problem will be eliminated.
Recipe No.7:
Boil 20 gm Drumstick tree bark in half litre water till it becomes 1/4 litre. Filter the syrup/kashaayam and add 1 gm Chitramoolam powder, 2 gm Pippali churnam(long pepper powder), 3 gm saindhavalavanam(rock salt). Drink the kashaayam daily and enlargement of spleen problem will be resolved.
Recipe No.8:
Cut pieces of Vempali plant, dry them and make powder and store.
Take 1/4 spoon powder with 1 cup cow’s curds two times a day for 3 weeks. Enlargement of spleen problem subsides. Take liquid food only while the abiove treatment is in progress.
Recipe No.9:
Mix equal parts of Sunamukhi leaf powder, haritaki powder, Revala chinna powder, dried grass powder, sulphur powder and store.
Take 1 gm to 5 gm powder with 1 cup of water depending on age.
Enlargement of spleen problem subsides.
Recipe No.10:
Mix equal parts of burnt Uttareni (Achyranthes aspera/prickly flower) powder, saindhava lavanam(rock salt) powder, sonti(dried ginger), pippali(long pepper), black pepper.
Fry sonti, pippali, black pepper and make powders. Mix all the above and store.
Take 2 gm powder with 1 spoon honey daily. Enlargement of spleen problem subsides.
Recipe No.11:
Wash small bitter gourd , cut it into pieces, dry, make powder, sieve and store. Take 2 gm of powder with 1 gm black pepper powder along with 2 sp. honey early in the morning. Enlargement of spleen problem is eliminated.
Recipe No.12:
Take 10 gm lemon juice with 10 gm onion juice early in the morning. Enlargement of spleen problem is eliminated.
Recipe No.13:
Enlargement of Spleen – Relief within 3 days:
Add little water to consistency to Chitramoolam roots powder, grind it and make small pills of pea nut size, dry them and store
Place one pill in the middle portion of a banana piece and swallow it. Do this for 3 days. Enlargement of Spleen problem is eliminated.
Recipe No.14:
Take food before 7 p.m. daily. Eat ripe papaya at 10 p.m. before sleeping. One will not get liver or spleen problem in entire life.
Recipe No.15:
Take mandara(hibiscus) trees roots powder and saindhava lavanam(rock salt) in equal proportion, add little water to consistency, grind them to paste and prepare pea nut size balls, dry and store.
Take one pill with water before food two times a day for 4 weeks Stomach problems and spleen enlargement problems are eliminated.