Regrow hair on Bald Heads Naturally

regrow hair on bald headGrow New Hair on scalp using tripala powder, radish/white onion and Black Sesame seeds oil
Don’t worry if you are balding. You don’t have to go for expensive medicines, which may have side-effects on your reproductive system.
You don’t have to go for expensive and risky hair transplant.
You can grow back your Hair naturally

Just follow these simple steps :

  • Shave off remaining hair.
  • Every morning rub your balding scalp area completely with a clean cloth dipped in RADISH juice (you can use white onion juice as an alternate).
  • radish juice for hair regrowthDo it till your scalp feels the burning sensation.

  • Wait for an hour and during this time, take a cup of black sesame seeds oil and make it luke warm.
    Put few drops of this oil in your nostrils with your fingers or with a dropper by bending your head backwards and inhale strongly.
    Put some drops of oil in ears too.
    In the end do some oil-pulling by gargling with this oil for 2-3 minutes and spit it.
    This process will open up the nerves in your head and remove excess phlegm above neck region.
    This phlegm blocks supply of nutrition to your scalp and causes premature greying or hairfall.
  • Take TRIPHALA CHURNAM/powder from any good ayurvedic shop and put a spoon of its powder in a cup of water and boil it till it becomes a paste. Filter the deposited triphala powder and seperate the brownish warm liquid.
  • After 1 hour of applying radish/white onion juice, wash your scalp with this warm triphala liquid.
  • Repeat this process for 3 months atleast and if possible do the radish juice thing at nights before sleep and let your scalp absorb it and do the remaining process in morning.
  • Take half spoon on triphala churnam/powder with 1 spoon of honey every morning (on empty stomach) and every night before sleep.
  • Wash your head without any shampoo/soap using only luke warm / cold water.
  • Try Balayam Yoga for atleast 10 minutes, twice a day on empty stomach.
  • During these 3 months, keep shaving your head every 15 days.
  • After 3 months, you will see noticable hair growth on bald areas.
  • Continue this process for another 3 months and you’ll see your entire scalp covered with black hair.
  • Consume honey, sesame oil, cow milk, cow ghee, coconut,amla etc hair nutients and imagine yourself with thick hair before every night sleep.
  • If you suffer from dandruff or any other fungal/bacterial infection on scalp, then make a paste of dark honey and onion juice and apply it on scalp. Wash it with normal temperature water after 45 minutes.
    Dark (natural organic) Honey fights against infections and is anti-bacterial.
  • Caution : Never use chemical(ammonia) or powder based hair dyes.
    Always make your own henna or Ayurvedic Hair Dye.

    For additional natural methods to retain existing hair and regrow hair on bald head