Remedy for Arthritis and Joint Pains

Arthritis Ayurvedic CureArthritis is caused by low bone marrow and usually effects knees.
Best ayurvedic treatment for this is :

Take Tamarind seeds and soak them in warm water overnight.
In the morning the outer dark brown layer becomes soft and can be peeled off.
Inside it you can find light yellow shaded seed. Dry them under sunlight for a day and then make their powder.
Fry this powder with cowghee for 5 minutes till it turns light brown in color.
Store this powder in a glass jar at a dark place and consume 1/2 spoon of powder twice a day with 250 ml of milk.
Repeat this process for atleast 100 days and you will see quick recovery from arthritis.

Also having Aswagandha powder along with milk on regular basis will quickly heal arthritis.
Also regular consumption of food made with Black lentil or Black gram (urad dal) is beneficiary as it helps in strengthening the knees quicker.



* Castor Tree Roots 1 Kg
* Pure Drinking Water 4 Litres
* Castor oil 1 Kg
* Pepper 20 gms
* Long Pepper(pippali) Powder 20 gms
* Camphor Powder 20 gms


* Take Castor tree roots(1 kg) and grind and collect it in a vessel.
* Add Pure water to it and place it on stove.
* Boil it on slim fire till 1 kg of decoction is remaining and filter it to obtain decoction.
* Place the decoction again on stove and add Castor oil to it.
* Boil it on slim fire till only Castor oil remains.
* Again filter it and add fine powder of pepper, long pepper(pippali) and camphor to it.
* Mix it properly and preserve it in a box with closed lid.
* This recepe is called Eranda Thailam.


* This oil can be used by those people who are suffering from joint pains, joint swellings etc.
* Twice a day before taking bath take some oil and make it warm.
* Massage it on the joints which are causing pains.
* Regular exercise along with this massage will make joint pains disappear.