Triphala Churnam – Complete Health Care

Triphala ChurnamTriphala Churnam is made of powders of 1. Amla 2. Harre 3.Bahera and is used to balance 3 elements in body : Kapha(water), Pitta (Fire), Vaata(Air).
The imbalance of these 3 elements are root causes of any dieases in our body and mind.
Usually all 3 are spread all over body but mainly Kapha is concentrated between Head and neck, Pitta between chest and navel, Vaata between waist and legs.
Triphala Churnam usage daily will balance these 3 elements and keep us free of all diseases.

Triphalas are now discovered by western scientists as natural antibiotics and they are useful to treat premature greying, balding, skin diseases, indigestion, memoryloss, pimples and acnes, dark cirlces under eyes, weak eyesight, weak heart conditions, diabetes, stones in kidneys etc.

Usage :

After brushing teeth in morning, depending on age group this has to be taken.
You need to be above 16 years of age to start using this.

Between 16-23 years – 2 gm
Between 24-31 years – 3 gm
Between 32-39 years – 4 gm
Between 40-47 years – 5 gm
Between 48-55 years – 6 gm
Between 56-63 years – 7 gm
Between 64-71 years – 8 gm
Between 72-79 years – 9 gm
80+ should use 10gm

How to use during what season :

Between may 14 – July 13 , mix 1/4th old jaggery in triphala churnam.
ex: if your intake according to your age is 4gm, then mix 1gm old jaggery

Between july 14 – september 13 , mix 1/8th black salt(Saindhava Lavanam / kaali namak)

Between september 14 – november 13 , mix 1/6th rock candy (misri)

Between november 14 – january 13 , mix 1/6th fried dried ginger(sonti) powder

Between january 14 – march 13 , mix 1/8th fried long pepper (pippallu0 powder

Between march 14 – may 13 , mix 1/2 spoon honey

Advantages of Long term Nonstop usages :

* Usage for 1 year nonstop will remove all weaknesses

* Usage for 2 years will make you disease free

* Usage for 3 years will increase eye strength

* Usage for 4 years will make body strong

* Usage for 5 years will increase mind power, memory, intelligence

* Usage for 6 years will make body muscular and increase vitality

* Usage for 7 years will make all grey hair into black

* Usage for 8 years will make even oldmen into young

* Usage beyong this time will make a human live his life to the fullest

Food Restrictions :

After having this in the morning, only water can be had not more than a glass.
Nothing should be taken for atleast 1 hour.
Its better to avoid tobacco, alcohol, meat, excess fat food, Buffallo milk and ghee, excess spice, excess salt, excess sour food.
Also excess cold food like icecreams, soft drinks and fast foods should be avoided.

Practicing Pranayama (breathing techniques) for atleast 15 minutes per day is advised.
Always use old rice or wheat with a layer on it (not completely polished rice or wheat).
Also avoiding chillies and using pepper when needed is best for food.