Ulcerative Colitis or Anal Colitis and its cure using Cassia Fistula roots

Ulcerative Colitis (or) Rakta Pitta – Cause : Excess heat in body spreading throughout the body through blood.

cassia fistula for Ulcerative ColitisReason : Eating, excess spicy and sour food, over exercising body, working day and night straining body and brain, excess sweating, suffering from over anxiety, stress and strain, over walking, over sex ..

Symptoms when blood pumps up: Burning sensation in eyes, reddening on eyes , ulcers in mouth , heat in brain, nose and ears, frequent headaches

when blood pumps down : burning sensation in intestines, genitals, rectum, pain during excretion.

Immediate Cure : whenever patient feels sensations in upper body, make him vomit.
This can be done by warming water with rock salt added in it and drinking half to one litre water and then after 5 minutes sitting on knees and bending head totally down, open your mouth wide and with two fingers press the base of tongue..warm salt water with wastage in stomach will be vomited out.
When patient feels sensation below stomach, consume 50-100ml of castor oil and within sometime he will have free motion through intestines.
If needed do both simultaneously.
If patient is too weak, then avoid above processes and have only barley water.

Permanent Cure :

cassia fistula for Ulcerative ColitisGet Triphala Churnam and cassia fistula tree roots and mix in this ratio :- in 10gm triphala churnam mix 4 gm of ‘cassia fistula‘ tree roots powder, and take 1 spoon of this powder and boil it in 1 glass of water.
Let it boil till only half water remains and let it cool down.
Then mix 1 spoon sugar and 1 spoon honey in it and consume it.
This has to be done twice per day
Do nots : cosuming alcohol, tobacco, milk, yogart, tea, coffee , onion, spicy food , salt , sour items or anything
Do : Have more cool water (not ice cold) , coconut water, honey, date syrup.cassia fistula tree can be found mostly on roadsides and it looks like this in rainy season
Try to spend more time in cool areas and keep mind relaxed and practice Anulom Vilom pranayama till you get complete relief
Note : If you are having blood through stool, then for immediate relief get Satavari roots powder(available as Satavari powder in ayurvedic stores) .Take 20gm of it and boil in cow milk (100ml). Then consume it when milk is luke warm