Author Topic: Deemark Herbal Hair Oil review - waste of money  (Read 6974 times)


Deemark Herbal Hair Oil review - waste of money
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If you are only relying on telemarketing which is attractive and pricey, then your lost hair will never grow back.

They advertise heavily on TV and as usual they show Before and After pictures and testimonials which are hard to be believed.I wonder how people in such telemarketing testimonials say words like\"I have been using it for years and it helped me\" keeping the fact in mind that the product has just been launched.That too testimonials from known faces are shown to lure customers.Did they get a priveledged invitation to try these kind of products even long years before the commercial launch.Its all money that makes them speak be it for any telemarketer like Tele Brands,Tele One,Asian Sky Shop,Tulishiyan Sky Shopping,etc etc.They spend heavily on advertising.Some cos like this have even gone to such extent by launching exclusive TV channel likle homeshop 18.

how can a new product which is just launched in market be used by those models for months and how did they get those BEFORE and AFTER pictures of hair growth?

think before you invest money and time, else lose both along with hair


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Deemark Herbal Hair Oil review - waste of money
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Deemark Herbal Hair Oil review - waste of money
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you can complaint with drugs and chemicals department and get back your money from such bogus companies
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