Author Topic: Minoxidil (Rogaine, Kirkland, Mintop Forte) Review and Side Effects for Hairloss treatment  (Read 33555 times)


This review is about Minoxidil (available as Rogaine in USA and Mintop Forte 5%, 10% etc in india from Reddy Labs), its usage, effects on bald head, side effects etc.

Rogaine is now branded as Regaine outside the USA.

Kirkland minoxidil is famous in USA and worldwide.


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Minoxidil was first discovered and used for patients with low blood pressure.
Later for strange unknown reasons it was discovered to have been growing lost hair follicles on crown part of the head.

Immediate effect of using any drug containing minoxidil is, you\'ll suffer from upset stomach, acne, headaches.
It also causes faster than usual heart beat and or chest pains and cold sweats at night, extreme tiredness and sleepyness.

It also causes some sexual disfunction which can lead to full erectile disfunction.

However good effects are that some new hair will certainly grow on those bald areas but hair will become sticky.
If you get scared of the side effects and stop using this topical solution, then within few days all the new grown hair will shed.

Also it can cause some scalp itchiness and dandruff to return(if you had it in the past).

so, use it only at your own risk.
Mintop Forte by reddy labs comes for around 400 Rs but if you really want to try minoxidil based solution, then go for kirkland minoxidil, which is slightly expensive but better product.
Rogaine also does same job but its more expensive


yes my brother has used mintop forte 5% and his balding patch on crown part was covered by new hair within 1 month, but he suffered from increased heart beat, dizziness, fatigue and return of dandruff.
most worst side effect was insomnia or sometimes excess sleep.

Its better to use any oral medicine which has natural DHT blocker, like saw palmetto, nettle leaves extract etc.
I think nutrilite has one such product.


Health of prostrate gland in men decides hair growth or scalp, face and body, its density, strength etc.
If someone is not having a proper moustache or beard even after entering 20s, then it must be a defect in this gland.

saw palmetto, nettle leaves, eclipta alba (bhringraj) help maintain a healthy prostrate gland and delay hair fall, premature greying etc.

If you feel above nutrilite products are too expensive, then try procerin.
Infact both will take about 1 month to actually start working as they need to balance DHT levels on scalp first.
Only from 2nd or 3rd month of regular usage of procerin, you\'ll start noticing control of hairfall and if lucky, new hair will regrow from lost places.

Procerin might be inexpensive in USA, but when it gets shipped to other countries, the cost may be almost equal to nutrilite product.
in nutrilite product, they\'ve 106g of saw palmetto oil extract, 80g of nettle root extract, 160mg of pumpkin seed oil within each softgel.

i\'m yet to see procerin ingredients list.
will update about comparision of these two products by next week.

The only known side effects of saw palmetto based products is mild dizziness, vomiting sensation(if taken on empty stomach) and dry mouth(if you consume less water)

If you feel hairloss is due to excessive body heat, then take 3 glasses of dilutes buttermilk with lunch and avoid yogurt/curd in dinner (add a glass of milk before sleep)


okay after testing procerin for about 60 days, i found that it controls DHT production in men.
So, new hairfall due to DHT (genetic reasons) will not occur after 60 days of regular use(3 pills/day).
But new hair will not generate unless your hair/scalp is in regeneration mode.
If you are still young (in late 20s or early 30s), you can have iron and protein rich diet and practice rubbing of finger nails against each other for 10-15 mins/day and expect to see new hair growth.

Also aminexil based hair sprays work better than minoxidil based ones, without side effects.

If you are aged more, well with procerin, you can atleast expect to retain what you already have


so deepa, what did you conclude in these  months ?

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all are waste. they offer only temporary results.
especially minoxidil. NEVER use it.
It grows hair within a week on the crown but once you stop its usage, all new hair along with existing hair around that area will fall off


yes, minoxidil is instant solution but with side effects like increased heart beat, high blood pressure.
if your family history has high B.P and you are above 35, then better avoid it


one question, if you stop using will all the hair fall off. the bad side effects are so many.


oh! never mind i jsut read the other comments. the hair does fall off after you stop using it. :( any suggestion for good herbal/ayurvedic/ oil.

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