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Most common incense and oil fragrances
« on: April 20, 2009, 05:34:58 PM »
Some of the most common and easiest to find incense and oil fragrances are these:

Amber - it stimulates the body self-healing capabilities. I always use it when doing Reiki

Eucalyptus - Good for respiration. Also used for purification and spirituality

Jasmine - Antidepressive, afrodisiac, and against insomnia. It\'s a pretty strong fragrance, so not everybody may like it. Good for dreams and visions.

Lavander - Calming, against headache, stimulates good health

Lemon - Gives strength but it\'s calming at the same time. Purifies blood and is a tonic.

Honeysuckle - Self-esteem, good for digestion problems and may be of use to lose weight

Mint - For clarity, can be used for respiratory problems, asthma, bronchiti, colds, flu. Good for upset stomach and headaches as well

Orange - Happiness. Against colds, depression. Used to create a pleasant and positive environment.

Pine - Against negativity, helps respiration

Rosemary - this needs a whole new post!

Rose - For harmony and love. Very good in curing scars, can be applied directly on the skin.

Sandalwood - Against depression, used for healing, spirituality and is afrodisiac

Ylang Ylang - Calming, promotes feeling of peace, and good against rage, anciently used as afrodisiac

If you are interested in a specific fragrance I have not listed, please let me know...


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Most common incense and oil fragrances
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Most common incense and oil fragrances
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many ppl use popular incense sticks brank like ambica durbar batti which are mixture of few above


Most common incense and oil fragrances
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i use lavander, sandalwood and rosemary


Most common incense and oil fragrances
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most indians use incense sticks and candles but they dont know which aroma causes what effect

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