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Relief from headache
« on: October 03, 2009, 02:36:13 PM »
Dear Members

My grand daughter is suffering from splitting headache for the last few years . Modern medicnes are unhelpful. Are there remedies , astrological/non-astrological, to cure the problem. Her birth details are: DOB: 31,Aug.1988, TOB: 7.31 PM; POB: Chennai




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Relief from headache
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Relief for headache
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your grand daughter is going through Sun mahadasa and till the end of it she may not see total relief.
Her headache depends on sun\'s movement and is more during day time.

Use this simple method for immediate relief anytime :

1. Make beetel leaves (leaves used to make pan for chewing) paste and apply it on forehead , especially in center on forehead.
If headache is spread all over skull, then apply the paste at center of skull.
this will cool down the heat and ache in 5 minutes

2. inhale powdered clove(lavang) or lavang oil.

3. every saturday mix henna with venegar and let it soak for a saturday night and apply to entire scalp on sunday morning and have a headbath after 2 hours

4. use triphala churnam regularly as prescribed here
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Relief for headache
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Thank you Virinchi for your help. I will pass on the information to Canada their work place..

The girl is in the beginning  of  her Sun Mahadasa in 2009.  The headache started even from the middle of her previous Venus Dasa. Venus  a functional malefic as 3 and 8 lord is in the sub of Sun , a strong significater of 6th house and in full control of health  problem .The following Sun dasa also has Venus in the sub.  Strangely we find  Venus in the sub of Sun and Sun in Venus. It looks that the girl has to suffer the problem for another 6 years . The parents are worried.. Astrologically also she has been chanting some mantra in this regard, but not with much success so far. I thought Sun being a strong significater of 6 will help her overcome the problem, but sublord Venus as  3/8 lord  may not cooperate

Any views on this from you




Relief for headache
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both venus and sun are not good for her lagna
she\'ll get relief in moon dasa

but strangely her headache is due to retrograde mars in lagna
and its effect is seen in dasas of 8 and 6 owners

i\'ll be publishing an article on different types of headaches, their reasons and cure through ayurveda soon in this site
meanwhile she can follow what Virinchi advised and should avoid spicy and heat producing food


Relief for headache
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hi virinchi
i tried the 1st method u prescribed with beetel leaves
it worked great for me and gave great relief in 5 mins :):blush:


Relief for headache
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i rarely get head ache but many times feel too much heat emitting out of my head, eyes, ears and palms
is there any method i can try?

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Relief from headache
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Relief for headache
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warm gingelly oil and put 2-3 drops of it in each nostril with your head bent back


Relief for headache
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Make sure she drinks plenty of water, keep her hydrated! Wishing her all the best.


Relief for headache
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beetel leaves method worked like a charm virinchi :love: thanks

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