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When we use the keyboard often while sitting on the computer we are bound to get semi or full spondylitis. I got it 4 years back in the right neck where it touches the right shoulder blade and got it treated and now I have it on my left neck touching the left shoulder lade.

The treatment for this is simple:

Do not use Pillow. Sleep on the floor if possible for complete and fast cure without a Pillow however if you cannot sleep on the floor sleeping on the bed without pillow is also effective. You can keep a towel or something similar just below the curve of the neck that lies between the head and chest. This will give protection to the neck. Gradually, very slowly the pain will subside.

While sitting on the table with the keyboard if the angle of the body and keyboard is almost 90 then no chance of spondilities. As the angle changes the change increases. There maybe other reasons for the cause of spondilities but the above is my personal experience.

Pravin Kumar


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If you are suffering from Spondylitis now, you better consult an Acupuncture doctor for the fast recovery. Ask them whether they know \"Shiatsu\". It\'s a Massaging technique used in Acupuncture which will heal these problems very easily. Only the proficient Acupuncture doctors will know it. Hence check with them.

Also \"Varmam\" is one of the very best techniques being used to treat such things since very ancient days. If you can find some Varmam Healers in Mumbai, you\'ll get alright very soon.
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Dear Gaurang,

I do accupressure myself for stomach and throat problems. I do not know the point for Spondylitis. Anyway I am feeling much better in 10 days time. Pain has reduced considerably. I do not about Varmam healers in Mumbai. I am a healer myself and can do the healing but I use the energy at other places.

There are people in Bombay (2 of them I know) who will just give a jerk to the head and cure it immediately but that jerk gives a lot of pain. It is as if you see stars. You get dazed and the pain is too much to bear. But the end result is very satisfactory.

I had Pulled Calf Muscle about a month back. I went to one of these men who pull your head, leg, arm etc. This person made me lie down with my belly on the ground and asked me to put my legs on a curved pillow like material. Asked me which leg I had pain in and then simply put his whole weight on that leg and twisted it sideway. It pained but gradually I got well within 15 minutes. He suggested one exercise to get well totally. I was to stand on the staircase with the affected foot on the stair case but only partially i.e. front portion on the stairs and the back portion hanging. This way I should hold the railling and do ups and down with the affected foot. The result was the pain got distributed to the full foot and got much diluted. I got well in 4 days.

Doctors have no medicine for this excepting pain killers which affect the Liver.

Pravin Kumar

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