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Swine Flu and Astrological reasons for its attack
« on: August 12, 2009, 10:45:03 AM »
Good article about causes of swine flu in main site
It has now become the worst nightmare and even worser than HIV AIDS.
Now it is a serious concern for the world and the UNO has also sounded a world-wide alert. The first death of a girl child in Pune suffering from the attack of the disease has unnerved the entire country and people are in real scare

Swine influenza is also known as swine flu, hog flu or H1N1 flu. The transmission of the virus from pigs to humans in not common but if it occurs it is called “zoonotic swine flu”. The main symptoms of the influenza are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort.

The spread of the disease at this particular time can be explained by astrological methods. The main angle of discussion is through the Kaal Purusha as shown in the diagram below :

The Kaal Purusha is the manifestation of time, which has been shown in personified form with reference to Lord Vishnu. In the above picture we can see that the Cancer sign (Karka rashi) represents the chest and the heart region of the Kaal Purusha. Human disease connected with the chest areas may be cold and cough and other symptoms found in influenza. The relationship of these symptoms is with the process of breathing which is the main function of lungs.

Cancer rasi signifies lungs as shown in the picture. Therefore, breath related disease in human beings can be related to Cancer rasi. This rasi is under constant affliction due to the transit of Ketu into this rashi from 30 th April 2008. This affliction was enhanced manifolds due to the Total Solar Eclipse of Sun by Ketu in this rashi on 22 nd July 2009.

The lord of Cancer rasi is Moon. Its element is water, which is the most important constituent of body fluids. The Moon rules over rainy season. According to Ayurveda, Kapha is one of the Tridoshas, which is produced by the combination of water and earth. Kapha increases anabolism and moon represents Kapha element. Cough and Cold are main symptom of swine flu.

The first case of swine flu in 2009 was reported on 2 nd May in Canada and it spread to many countries thereafter. Its intensity has increased rapidly in the season ruled by Moon (rainy season). The second enhancement in the intensity was after the Total Solar Eclipse due to conjunction of Sun and Ketu in Cancer rashi on 22 nd July 2009. In India this disease has acquired appreciable proportions after the solar eclipse.

Ketu means foreign land and foreigners as per Vedic astrology. Before the solar eclipse, swine flu was not a threat in India but, it was already a threat in Mexico and other countries. The disease has come into India from outside the country through human carriers. Swine flu has still not acquired serious proportions in India but “prevention is better than cure”. India\'s rashi as per Independence Day horoscope is Cancer (Karka) and swine flu is connected with this rashi.

Ketu in medical astrology is a nightmare for doctors. Ketu, not only makes diagnosis of disease very difficult, it also keeps on testing doctors with new diseases. One who masters Ketu will master the art of healing and diagnosis.

As per the transit of planets, swine flu will continue to remain a menace till Ketu remains in the Cancer rashi. Ketu will transit out of Cancer on 18 th November 2009. It is expected that swine flu will be restrained after this date.

India was already suffering from floods and droughts due to the Medini effect of Total Solar Eclipse. This disease has slowly entered into the country as the third Medini effect. It must not be allowed to take an epidemic form for which total medical screening of passengers coming from abroad is absolutely necessary. In addition, person to person transmission within the country has to be prevented.
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Swine Flu and Astrological reasons for its attack
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swine flu prevention
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2009, 11:04:02 AM »
great ! but instead of this statement “prevention is better than cure” , how about finding a cure for it.
why not try some research in Ayurveda


swine flu prevention
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yea.. i am waiting to see such revolutionary treatment soon
already ayurveda has re-discovered treatments for AIDS
it was called RAJA YAKSHMA in king\'s days
those methods are re-applied now to cure AIDS


swine flu prevention
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2009, 01:51:17 PM »
i am so very much worried abt this virus.. i have to roam around in city behalf of my job, which is worrying me lot now.

its ok for me if i die in an accident but cant die suffering..


swine flu prevention
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why only people in west and mostly in mumbai and pune are dying?
any special cause  


swine flu prevention
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Dear All
As you are all aware swine flu is causing chaos everywhere,we need to educate people on precautionary measures to be
taken as measure of brotherly hood in our group and also help innocent poor masses thro CSD.
Protection of immunity system is the topmost priority ,every body needs to take in the need of hour than to surrender to decease and face fatal eventualities.
To ensure I suggest 6 cheapest yet internationally proved measures to counter this dreadful epidemic.

1) Use one lemon along with 1 spoon Honey diluted in luke warm water everyday before break fast.Vitamin C in lemon and antibacterial properties of Hoeny double your immunity system.Better use Girijan Honey(agmark)than processed one. Even If good Honey is not available no problem.Lemon water is enough.If lemon is also not available take vitamin C tabs daily.

2) Use turmeric in cooking since it is antibacterial and antiviral and also use pinch of turmeric in your bath which works against allergies caused by virus.

3) Holy Tulasi is proven natural remedy for all respiratory problems.In fact Tulasi is said to be best remedy for Swine flu! So chew fresh tulasi leaves or its extract at least once a day.Drop some leaves in to your drinking water which makes you purified as the secret in sacred temple visit is enriched with Tulasi Theerdham as holy water with blessings of GOD!

4)Use of Dettol which was proven antiseptic/antiviral effect while cleaning your hands as well your surrounding including your house holds and floor cleaning.

5) Use disposable masks while you are out and throw it away when you come in to house.
while reusable masks will not serve the purpose,it brings home the virus!

6) Do not be panic and muster courage since it is curable with Tamiflu drug if you are found positive.But use of Tamiflu as preventive measure or unidentified cases develop resistance to SF and it will make the patient condition worst without treatment.

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Swine Flu and Astrological reasons for its attack
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Light Worker

swine flu prevention
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2009, 11:57:54 PM »
people are now suffering because they stopped using ancient methods thinking that they are outdated and old fashioned.
what you mentioned above about turmeric and tulsi are age old good traditions only
Lots of 'LOVE' . . . Linda


swine flu prevention
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that is so useful post deepa.. well done!!

Use “Nilgiri oil” drops on handkerchiefs and masks as one the preventive measures against swine flu…

Ravi Varma

swine flu prevention
« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2009, 12:00:30 AM »
using yellow enamel paint for doorsteps  instead of turmeric, using plastic leaves on door tops instead of mango leaves has lead to this type of disastrous situation in india.
ancient india used mango leaves on doors to stop virus from entering house and turmeric to kill germs. we just use colored paints and plastics and suffer
All our education system has given us is just questioning everything arrogantly


swine flu prevention
« Reply #9 on: August 14, 2009, 11:42:27 AM »
thats was good satire ;)
as long as man lives close to nature, he wont suffer from any disease
that itself is naturopathy and ayurveda

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