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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
« on: May 21, 2009, 12:29:47 PM »
How does one avoid / control/ and leave it behind if they suffer from this?

In America if one goes to the doctor the first thing they do is put you on a low dose of some anti depressent... what if one does not want this sort of treatment? :(

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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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Americans have a choice if you go to a regular doctor. Yes they are going to do this. It is soo sad that I could just walk into my doctors office and say these are my symptoms and then they will offer me at least two prescriptions to resolve the problem.

Well, what we can do is start going to alternative holistic healers. These workers have an alternative solution on how to resolve our issues/sicknesses.

In my opinion, the problem with medication it doesn\'t solve the problem it just masks it. I have been prescribed antidepressants and I have taken them only to make me feel worse. The only way that i have discovered to get over any anxiety is to figure out where it is coming from inside me and understand the why behind it, then work to a solution that is right for me.


Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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Yes I agree it is a mask.. A complete renewel of me is what I want .. I know the things that bother me ... some are very deep inside some rotate around my childhood.. my mother my mothers x husband... very bad things ... I can talk freely about them but I am always afraid someone is going to judge me ..expecially in my line of work that I do... I have thought of writing letters to these people and telling them what they did is wrong..but they wont read them ..and it will cause a new door to open and I do not want them in my life...

Parts of me that are effected - stomach- chest- skin- feet- knees- hands and wrist

my stress is a bunch of stuff just all catching up with me this month has been so rough!! I work myself half to death when I get stressed as if I am cleaning to run from the problem. I have had hives for weeks now .. all I get told is to take Benedryl.. my skin around my eyes are raw now... ( I was told by one of my children that I look like a dead zombie.. aint that nice) I thought the hives were caused by poinsettas .. and maybe part of them where ... maybe they were allowed to attack my skin from already being broken inside. I have been watching what I eat and touch .. I touched apple jack cereal the other morning for the kids and wam hives! .. so am thinking it might be some preservative that they junk our food up with. After I had dinner last night my scalp and my arms broke out in hives.. I bought store chicken (we raise our own) and I had jello... food dyes? oh I made a cookie bar with coconut and chocolate and pecans in it.. maybe the nuts? I think I will just eat rice and broth and not have anything else .. I am misserable .. and my doctor who will only want to stick me on some drug wont be in untill next week. I have creams i have oatmeal.. but why are they coming back... my dream land is strange as well... are they connected?


Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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From my experience as a Reflexology therapist I would recommend Reflexology to control stress and depression (as long as the depression is not of endogen type). Reflexology therapy provides a deep relaxation to the body, healing it and restoring its balance. It promotes a positive change at the mental level as well.
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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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One of the problems in the USA is there are not enough available good \'alternative health practicioners\' to work with us. Finding a good Chinese Herbalist (Doctor) or like my healer Elizabeth, who does Herbology and Accupuncture is rare.

Unfortunately, in a health food store where we can purchase herbal remedies, we do not always know what our bodies need nor what dosage. It is like playing \'Russian Roulette\' with herbs. And asking a clerk who works there who might know, is also taking a chance and the instructions on the bottle are deceptive too.

I apologize for this not being a \'positive\' post. . . and I see this Country sorely lacking in \'Natural Healing\'! :(
Lots of 'LOVE' . . . Linda


Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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pranayama is the best way to deal with all these problems and their roots

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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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Worry/ Stress/ Anxiety/Depression
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Yes, Sasirekha you are correct.

Pranayama is very good to deal with all these problems and also we can use Palm massage techniques.

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