Chineese Treatment - acupuncture / pressure

Started by msrhprasad, April 15, 2011, 08:44:28 AM

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Just I am sharing with you, that recently we met a Doctor in Banjara Hills - who gives Chineese Treatment.

1st they check our palms with some small machine which has a needle without asking any question us, we get shock where we have problem in our body, after that they tell where we have problems in our Body.

Chart already shown in our forum - which shows points in our palms - they have the same.

Daily we take acupressure with that machine 5-10 minutes after some period we can see the changes. in the mean time can reduce english medicine.

No - Consultation fee - But Prior Appointment is must.

Soon will come back with my experience with them,



what happened next?
i\'m looking for some feedback on that method and doctor


Good Day.

yes, now we are using some medicine (capsules) now feel more comfortable than earlier.
One of my neighbor purchased a acupressure machine, feed back from them is very satisfactory.
after few months we will go ahead.

Dr.Raghu / Dr.Ravi both are livid and taken training in China - few years.
There is commercial - the Doctors spend time sufficient to listen our problems - No hurry....:)

Treatment starts from roots...


Deepa Ji.

If once you visit the place, you can experience...
if u want to go I will give you mobile no. and address.




You are Doctor yourself. Aren\'t you?

You are asking this in awe as if you dunno about Acupuncture?? Ok, let it be. If you wanna know anything about Acupuncture. Just buzz me. I\'ll explain you.

By the way, what Doctor are you? Ayurveda?? Or Siddha???

[rquote=8937&topic=1294&author=deepa]what happened next?
i\'m looking for some feedback on that method and doctor[/rquote]
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


Hello Deepa Ji,

Yes, we are using the acupressure machine (its just little bigger than mobile) since one month.

we feel little bit shock where we have problem in our body.

we feel very much, reducing english medicine side effects.

can carry this one any where.

but cost is little expensive, one time maintenance costs.

can use in two ways one is can pressure on our hands with point which comes with machine.

2nd one is we can put ear phones in our ears..which also comes with machine.

both comes with machine, as per my experience pressure with point gives better results.:)


i\'m aware of this method but just wanted to see your feedback about that machine usage
thanks for posting it