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Started by sonipravin, June 01, 2011, 01:47:32 PM

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This one is about Cold/Cough/JKhukham

Normally change of city results in cure of such small problems but once I had this continuous Coughing and Cold which went one even after I left my homeplace on a business tour. On the business trip I did contact Doctor but to no use. Then one Senior Marwari Person gave me this simple advise:

Do not touch cold water

Do not drink cold water

Do not have bathe with cold water

Do not eat rice.

Do not eat potatoes.

Last two items have starch which aggravate the cold/cough


This is really tough, Mr.Pravin. How can we avoid all these things together? We can avoid potatoes. But we South Indians mainly eat Rice and Rice related foods. Also it\'s very tough to avoid touching the cold water itself.
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I got well within 2 days and started eating potatoes gradually after 3/4 days and rice after 7 days. It is not necessary that you stop both the above things permanently.

Secondly it was cold weather so while having bath I had hot water and for drinking I did have warm water initially the first day but subsequently drank normal water. I got well.

Pravin Kumar