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Living water

Started by life9+, September 21, 2011, 09:41:02 PM

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Living water=water of energy to wholeness.

Run a positive thought or any attunement into a glass of water while dipping the right hand index finger in the glass of drinkable water or cover the glass of water by placing right hand palm n transit positive attunement n drink the water. u will feel the result as per the positive attunement given to water.

One can even store this water in bottel n use it whenevr required in day.


can we do it every day and instead of storing, just drink it right away?
also how many minutes should we do it


yes sasirekha.. you can do it everyday.. it is a very powerful method.. my mom taught me when i was young.. a variant method though.. she used to make me take a small katori filled with water, put a tulsi leaf in it.. i kept it on my palm, closed my eyes while i spoke yamunashtak.. when its done, i drank that water..
when my sister was pregnant, she became very ill and was hospitalized for 3 months.. there was a risk of delivering the baby too early to be vital and lots of other complications.. my medical mind was boggled with what my mom did.. she used to take this water in one hand, while she kept the other hand on my sister's pregnant belly, spoke yamunashtak.. then made my sister drink the water.. within two days, contractions started reducing.. she carried the baby for 2 more months.. today both are alive and well, and trust me, steroids did not do this!
i believe Yamunashtak is just a method used to concentrate and connect the soul to the positive vibe and thoughts.. one can even chant Om, or anything they believe in..


yet to try this
but sounds interesting  :D


SaSirEkha very sorry for delay in replying.

We can do it everyday. One can spell the water with any positive mantras/chants. for eg; gayatri mantras, yamunastak as vebedoc said or Hanuman Chalisa... bla bla, any positive chants/mantras/spells.


Take a glass of drinkable water. Dip the right hand middle finger n anamika finger in water and chant Hanuman Chalisa.
After chanting, drink tht water n also give to all family members to drink. By doing so negativity will wipe off soon.

One can also sprinkle that activated water in all the corners n main door of home, to clear negativity from home.  8)


Yeah, it's true. For the very same reason, we used to keep a glass of water while doing prayers and puja. After finishing off that, the water will be given to everyone around. This procedure is being followed in many Mosques / Dhargas and Churches too.
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Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


i tried this today and felt very good :)


Nice article and i tried and seen the +ve results. Thanks for the post


this is very effective method.
pls post more of such useful stuff