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Stem Cell Therapy & QR 678 for Hair Regrowth

Started by Star Dust, July 10, 2012, 01:51:01 AM

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Star Dust

Stem cells and dermal papilla cells have been discovered in hair follicles. Research on these follicular cells  lead to successes in treating baldness through hair multiplication (HM), also known as hair cloning.
HM is being developed by ARI (Aderans Research Institute, a Japanese owned company in the USA).

Researchers lead by Professor Takashi Tsuji from the Tokyo University of Science have successfully induced the natural hair growth and loss cycle in previously hairless mice. They have achieved this feat through the implantation of bioengineered hair follicles recreated from adult-tissue derived stem cells.

While these results offer new hope for curing baldness, the work has broader implications, demonstrating the potential of using adult somatic stem cells for the bioengineering of organs for regenerative therapies.

The method devised by Professor Tsuji's team involves reconstructing hair follicle germs from adult epithelial stem cells and cultured dermal papilla cells (dermal papilla are nipple-like projections at the base of hairs) and implanting these germs within or between skin layers. To recreate the desired hair densities – normally about 120 hair shafts per square centimeter (0.15 square inch) or 60-100 hair shafts per square centimeter following a conventional hair transplantation method – 28 bioengineered follicle germs were transplanted onto a circular patch of cervical skin measuring 1 cm (0.39 in) in diameter.

The resulting hair density of 124 hair shafts per square centimeter (plus or minus 17 shafts) turned out to be satisfactory, but there was more good news.

Far more importantly, the implanted follicle germs developed all the proper structures and formed correct connections with the surrounding host tissues, including epidermis, arrector pili muscle and nerve fibers. Also, the stem and progenitor cells along with their niches were recreated in the bioengineered follicles, making a continuous hair-growth cycle possible.

The method has been shown to work with all types of hair follicles, regardless of function, structure and color (depending on the type of the origin follicle). In fact, some features of the hair shaft, such as pigmentation, may be controlled – fancy a new permanent hair color?

Although more research is still necessary (such as further study of stem cell niches and optimizing the way origin follicles are to be sourced for clinical applications), the study constitutes another milestone on the way to next generation regenerative therapies.

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Star Dust

A medical couple in Hyderabad, Debraj Shome and Rinky Kapoor, claim that their home-grown invention, QR 678, could arrest the most stubborn cases of hairfall. Balding could be a thing of the past, says Dr Kapoor, a dermatologist attached to Apollo Hospital.

The couple say their invention required four years of research, passing through various stages of development in the laboratories of the Tata Memorial Hospital, IIT Mumbai and Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. \"If there is no research paper on it yet,\" says Dr Shome, \"it is only because we have still not patented the molecule, which is basically a mix of many growth factors.\"

Each of the doctors\' 700-odd patient pool underwent five to eight shots priced at of Rs 5,000 each. Indipop singer Anaida is one of the Mumbai celebrities who zips down to Charminar city every three weeks for a shot. Haircare is big business in India. Plastic surgeon Dr S Keswani says hair transplant is the fastest growing sector, second only to liposuction, in India\'s cosmetic surgery charts.

Dermatologist Dr Satish Bhatia, who practises out of his Cooperage clinic, started the European treatment around three months ago. \"Stem cells are known to take on the role of skin, bone and muscle. We use stem cells derived from fatty tissues that already know their role and won\'t grow into tumours,\" he says. His concoction is imported from Italy, costing Rs 25,000. \"If the patient wants own stem cells to be derived from own fat cells, then cost goes up four times,\" he adds.

Dr Bhatia believes growth factors and stem cells are the next big things in hair care. \"People are sick of hair transplants, which have a bushy appearance and look artificial. One of 10 persons undergoing a transplant complains of side-effects such as swelling and infection. So stem cell injections that cause local swelling and redness for only 48 hours are welcome,\" he adds.
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


can some doctors throw light in this QR 678 ?
Does this work ? and if yes, then what are side effects ?

in hair transplant we know that new hair comes from donor area(back and sides of scalp) which is balding resistant and will stay for lifetime.

now will hair grown by these injections remain for long time ?
or are they prone to DHT ?


QR 678 is not patented and not approved by any govt or FDA.
But since those doctors claim that only one patient out of 750 got a mild irritation due to dandruff on scalp, and others saw considerable results, you may want to try this.

Also since the drug has been in usage for almost 2 yrs, its side-effects(if any) would have been reported till now, but i didnt see any of them.


stem cell therapy is yet to be implemented successfully on humans, so we\'ve to wait for that.

the images posted on the website about QR 678 are FAKE !

see the last image, where whirls are in anti-clockwise (before) and clockwise(after)

also i asked one of my friend to call Ms. Sheetal @ 09573617914 and she asked for Rs.550/- to get an appointment and Rs.20,000/- to be paid as advance for 4 injections.
Rest of the amount can be paid during 5th injection.

They seem to be insecure about their treatment.
Till date no customer out of the 900+ treated at their clinic have given any positive response.
Also sheetal says that this treatment includes minoxidil and other oral medicines.
then why do they need injections ?

drugs like rogaine can also generate that much hair anyways


instead of all these complicated processes, try this easy method (if you're aged below 40)
1. Make 2 spoons of olive oil warm
2. add 2 spoons of cinnamon powder
3. add 1 spoon honey
4. make a paste by mixing them and apply it directly on scalp(more in balding areas) by seperating existing hair.
the warm paste should touch scalp skin and let it remain for 30 minutes.
5. then wash the paste with an ayurvedic shampoo which is chemical free
6. add atleast 80-100 gms of protein (preferably soy) and 30-40mg iron to your daily diet

within 3-6 months, you'll see new hair growth
also practice Balayam Yoga for 15 mins at a time, twice a day (morning and evening) before eating


Still this technique not popular as of now. Currently FUT only going on even though it is old method only. Our doctors not used advanced technologies for the same. Hope stem cell technology will emerge as a better prospect


did anyone try this yet
is this for everyone and if it works, then how much does it cost


Bhavani for your information a friend of mine went for Stem cell method with Dr Nigam. He didn't get any benefit from the treatment though and had to pay 90k for the injections. Taking the injections was a bit painful though. Ultimately got a wig from Advanced Hair studio.
Another friend went for Hair transplant from Delhi. He got partial success (atleast some success), but has started losing hair from other portions of head.
All doctors have their own methods and no single method has been 100% successful.
If any body else knows a particular successful situation may be they can share. Also in case of hair transplant the doctor is more important than the method.



such rich people (mahesh babu)do not go for treatments as its risky so they adjust by sticking few patches on bald its better for normal people to manage with wigs.any small mistake can be dangerous as these treatments are done very near to the skull area.