when to have HEAD-BATH ? does it effect hairloss/growth and our health ?

Started by Ranjana, May 13, 2009, 12:31:39 PM

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lately i have been shampooing my head almost eveyday to make it look fresh so that i can carry myself confidently at work.

But i see that its resulting in hairloss and sleep disorders.

Are these just because of headbaths or someother reason?
can anyone throw some light on this


i dont know much about men but women usually have it on fridays and on festivals


can you explain what results we get by doing it on what days

Star Dust

according to my knowledge

1. sunday : heat in body

2. monday : peace of mind

3. tuesday : illhealth

4. wednesday : money gain

5. thursday : money loss

6. friday : comfort loss (only for men)

7. saturday : pleasures

so for men  mon,wed,saturdays are best
for women friday is also ok
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thanks a lot
i read this and avoided headbath today :smilegrin:


headbath is a tradition and process in india
women and men oil their scalps and then do some work/yoga/exercise to sweat a lot and then clean their bodies

if you do all that process then effects written above will be high
if you just apply shampoo and hurry out then effects are minimum


is it true..

I used to have every day with Shampoo. Applying coconut oil just one hour before bath after that head bath.

I did not see any problems.


simple way of keeping healthy body is :

1. if you are using hot water for bath, never use it on head. use luke warm or cold water only.
and for hot water, first wet your feet and then body

2. if using cold water, first wet your head and then body

nerves connected between underfeet and head/brain will be relieved from stress by following above