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A Billionnaire in advance
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:52:36 PM »
Money is the petrol to survive in this cruel world of Power. what kind of planetery combinations or dashas you have known so far re have come accross which can give you a hint or a clue to an astrologer to find an EARLY Billionnaire in making. I have known a few rags to riches stories where the common placement are 3 planets in one house,  which are nearly true to make even a rag picker to a billionnaire status. I am a newbie and this is my observation. Your valued inputs would help many learners like me.

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A Billionnaire in advance
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A Billionnaire in advance
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please share any such research .most imp. if you have seen political horoscopes then you would see such combinations disclosing the hidden wealth which the world will never know.


A Billionnaire in advance
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In most of the Billionaires, for example Bill gates.We can see such combination..But Planet conjuction may yield good or bad results..

Some times, order of planet also shows the strength of combination. Recently I saw one article, Suppose JUP, VEN,MER in 7th house. The effect of combination is high if the order of planet placements in the order JUP,VEN,MER.

But we see through KP astrology, all these planets wouldnt fall in same cusp. I dont know much about KP astrology. How these planets will analyse through cusp method

For comination results, you can see through the following link


A Billionnaire in advance
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Has anyone seen Sharad Pawar or Sonia Gandhi's horoscope or even Advani...They have near similar combinations but in diff house as you mentioned..I dont have exact source of DOB but I saw it on sites where such horscopes are used as publicity

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