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caesarian births
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:47:07 PM »
Dear Members,
we are all know very well, now a days, couples - consult family pandit or astrologer - looking for best time - for caesarian...

Naturally astrologers suggests the best time i.e most of the planets are in good position...

is this natural birth?
do astrology support this?
one astrologer told me that ...this also pre-written ;) that's why the parents consulted him for good time.
if the baby deliver through surgery i.e caesarian....the same time of birth applicable to the child?
So, in this case almost all in child charts (new born caesarian) babies - planets are in very good position... :D.
by doing this next generation (most of the caesarian) people become great people.... ;D i.e Lord Rama,Krishna and Vivekananda etc.,  :D


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caesarian births
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caesarian births
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prasad, there's already a topic about caesarian operation but thats about health of mothers.
People these days think that caesarian is a short cut to avoid labor pains.
Women are losing oppurtunity to reduce their karma by avoiding natural pain.
Its like taking a new birth and starting a new life.

Also if they go for caesarian in their first delivery, they'll be forced to do same everytime for future kids.

Unless mother's health doesn't really support natural process, better avoid caesarian.

Back to astrology/fate, you can't wink the fate/karma by chosing right time for caesarian.
That is nonsense !
Even if an astrologer suggests approximate good time for caesarian, kid will be born on exact minute where his ruling planets match with sublords and significators of his parents and vice-versa.

More on this topic can be said by our fellow female members..
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caesarian births
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this reminded me of one incident that happen 2 yrs back.
my neighbour asked me to pick a date and time for her daughter-in-law's caesarian operation.
she had 3 days time and her D-I-L didnt want her kid to be born on day 2 as it coincided with her birthday.
she feared that everyone in the family will ignore her future birthdays and will only celebrate her kid's birthdays (strange mom !!!!!!)

so looked at moon transit and picked day 3 and an approximate time between morning 6:30-8:00
doctors planned to start preparation for caesarian from 6 and finish it before 7.

on that day, i wokeup at 6:30 and felt like checking my my neighbour's DIL's birthchart and see when exactly child will be born.
It took me 15 mins to understand that she will deliver her child between 7:15-7:19 (majority subs not changing during that time).
I called my neighbour at 6:50 and said that delivery time will be between 7:15-7:19 am.
She said, that might happen as doctor was late and just arrived at hospital.

40 mins later she called back and said delivery happened at 7:17 am !

now, that is called fate..

Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

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caesarian births
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A very nice experience Viranchi and guess its all predestined then.
Doesnt the child get its life from the day of conception and slowly grows in the womb. Abhimanyu could listen and remember the tricks of warfare, while he was in the womb itself. So a persons life and his circumstances might have been decided from the day he/she comes to life, including the day on which he will be born. What's say guys ..


caesarian births
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embryo in womb may have soul since 6th month itself but planets will cover the Gnaan with Maaya right from the moment when it comes out into this atmosphere.
That is the moment at which planets take control.

According to sage parashara, who gave vimsottari dasa system etc for 120 years , birth time should be calculated from the moment a kid comes out of the womb and breathes air


caesarian births
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"birth time should be calculated from the moment a kid comes out of the womb and breathes air".

Then varenya how many persons such a exact time like above...?
i.e in villages or rural areas.... especially ::)

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caesarian births
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caesarian births
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that is the reason we use birth time correction methods & horary


caesarian births
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Thank you Virinchi and Varenya. :)

Amy Aquarius lagna

caesarian births
« Reply #8 on: October 06, 2013, 06:24:38 AM »
I am Aquarius lagna with Mars within 5 degrees of my rising also in Aquarius but in retrograde motion.  I was not a C-section for my Mother but was a very quick birth.
I have an Purva Bhadra lagna, Magha Sun, Aswini moon, Mercury in Uttara Phalguni, Venus in Punarvas, Mars in Purva Bhadra  retrograde.  Currently in Rahu-Mercury dasa starting Oct 4 2013


caesarian births
« Reply #9 on: November 02, 2013, 06:03:35 PM »
Caesarian is also in the hands of god only. He is deciding the fate. That's what my belief

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