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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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Rahu and Ketu are the Lunar Nodes in Vedic Astrology.
Rahu and Ketu - (excerpts from \"The Ascendant - The 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology\")

Rahu and Ketu are the Lunar Nodes in Vedic Astrology. They are Grahas in that they grab and attach us to our karma just like the starry Grahas, yet they do not rule over Rasis like the other starry planets. They are shadows, the eclipse points where the Earth�s orbit around the Sun intersects with the Moon�s orbit around the Earth. Even though they are not physical planets they are perhaps the most influential forces in the chart. It is along the Rahu / Ketu axis that the main forces of karmic desire are seen.
The myth of Rahu and Ketu sheds much light on their function and greater possibility. Shortly after the beginning of time, the Gods and demons were in a terrible war, neither side making any progress. So they decided to join forces and churn the milk ocean to get the pot of amrita (immortal nectar) at the bottom. Once the nectar was extracted then came the job of distributing it. The Gods, not wanting the nectar to fall into the hands of the demons, devised a plan. Lord Vishnu disguised himself as the enchanting and beautiful Mohini to distribute the nectar. The Gods and Demons were seated on two different sides of an aisle as Mohini distributed the nectar to the Gods only.  The demons were too enchanted by her beauty to notice she was not giving them the nectar. However one demon, Rahu, noticed what was happening and disguised himself as a God and managed to get a drink of the nectar. As soon as this happened, the Sun and Moon told Lord Vishnu what was happening and Vishnu returned to his form as Vishnu and let fly his sudarshan and chopped Rahu in half, but only after Rahu managed to take a drink of the nectar. Thus he is immortal, but chopped in half. The head is Rahu and the tail is Ketu.

Rahu is a head without a body. Everything he comes into contact with he becomes obsessed with, like a person with a voracious appetite. Rahu represents material desire, but because he is not a physical planet he operates on the subconscious level. He distorts our perceptions and colors the world according to his desires. He tends to obliterate the essence of things, focusing on their material substance. He is our deepest subconscious material desire. Rahu obsesses over the things we need to learn so we can eventually be freed of them. There are certain lessons we can only learn in a physical body, in the physical world. Rahu�s obsessions indicate those things. All human beings are crazy in some way, Rahu shows the area of life where we are unbalanced and obsessed. Rahu keeps us obsessed until we learn detachment from what he is influencing. As such, he represents attachment. Losing our higher Self to the things of this world is the main reason we suffer in life. Rahu�s obsessions bring much suffering as long as we desire experience. Once we desire liberation, Rahu is incredibly spiritual.

Ketu is the other half of the demon, the headless body. Where Rahu obsesses over the things of this world, Ketu seeks to be freed from them. Rahu is material and loses the essence of things in their substance. Ketu perceives the essence of things but is unsatisfied with anything substantive in the world. Whereas Rahu wants to grow and experience new things, Ketu wants to fall back on the familiar and withdraw, creating a fear of stagnation and disgust with the familiar that is often turned inward as self-disgust. Ketu brings doubt and sharp criticism to the areas of life that he sees. Eternally unsatisfied, he only notices what is missing from whatever he is influencing. He presides over the absolute aspect of God. He is strict and exacting and sucks the worldly joy out of all he touches, including the things Rahu is obsessed over through house and sign. It is the push and pull of Rahu�s obsession and Ketu�s doubt that allows the soul to learn the lessons of the Nodal house and sign placement.

Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?

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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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nice informative article on Rahu Ketu kesarirajkumar ji ( orangeprince ji :))


A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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For those who believe in yogas,

here is a controversial one for Rahu-Ketu


its is said that if all grahas lie between Rahu & ketu then one is said to be between

Some astrologers believe that in reality it ( the yoga) is no applicable to human beings

a lot of astrologers, let us say who are commercial ones, identify that in kundali of an individual & then ask him to do pujas to ward off its effects

The effects are said to be making life extra difficult for the native towards acheiving his results in life for his efforts amongst other difficulties.


A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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For those who believe in yogas in chart see Sasirekha devi ji\'s thread


A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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I think Rahu and Ketu are Very Powerful Magnetic Force.......Changing its place like planet....


A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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In KP astrology, analyse rahu and ketu in the chart like any other planets. No yogas or doshas related to rahu/ketu have been mentioned in KP astrology.
Rahu/Ketu in the star or sub of good houses results in benefic results otherwise it doesn\'t. Consideration of the house occupied by rahu/ketu  and the conjunctions if any have to be given higher importance during analysis of the impact.

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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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Yeah, the story about Rahu and Kethu is correct. Actually it was Surya(Sun) and Chandra(Moon) who identified that demon when he was drinking the nectar in the form of a Deva. They informed this to the Paramaatma Maha Vishnu. After that only, Maha Vishnu got angry and beheaded him with his Sudharsana Chakra(Disc).

Because of this only, Rahu and Kethu are always enemies to Sun and Moon. Especially Rahu is the main enemy of Sun and Kethu is the main enemy of Moon. Also when Rahu catches Sun, it is called as \"Solar Eclipse\" and when Kethu catches Moon, it is called as \"Lunar Eclipse\". Hence if Rahu sits along with Sun, Sun will loose his entire power and same with Kethu and Moon.

This is what the information available in Shastra and also the same thing is believed and being followed in Vedic Astrology. But Sujay has mentioned here that Rahu and Kethu will not be considered anything extra and will be treated as any other planet in KP system. I dunno about this as I\'m yet to study KP system. Hence some other seniors can clarify us regarding the position and powers of Rahu and Kethu. It\'ll be easy for us to learn.
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A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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Regarding Kalasarpa Yoga which is also called as Kalasarpa Dosha, if all the nine planets (as only nine are considered in Vedic Astrology) and the Ascendant got caught between Rahu and Kethu in one side, it is called Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha. There are two main types of Kalasarpa Yogas / Dosha are there. One is Ascending Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha and the other one is Descending Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha. If all the planets got caught between Rahu and Kethu, it is called Ascending Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha or plainly called as \"Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha\". If all the planets got caught between Kethu and Rahu, the it is called as Descending Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha or \"Sappakkaal Graha Dosha\".

The effect of this is, no planet can have full power as they all have got caught between the two shadow planets and hence their Dasas and Buthis won\'t work good. Hence the person having this in his horo has to undergo several problems and failures in his life. However this will have its effect only for half part of the life till 30 - 33 years depending upon the horo. After that this Dosha will turn to Yoga and will start giving good results. That\'s why people are calling this as a Yoga even though it is actually a Dosha.

There is an another theory that the people with Ascending Kalasarpa will suffer in first half of their lives and will enjoy the benefits in the second half of their lives. And the people with Descending Kalasarpa will have good lives in their first half and will suffer in the second half of their lives.

I dunno much about other Yogas whether it will work or not. But this is a powerful one as I have it and personally have suffered.


A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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This is really very insightful.... good read I must say, which includes all the follow-up comments as well. Would love to read such similiar stories on this site to educate ourselves... about the other planets as well or any other interesting related stories.

More strength to all of you!!! :-))



A doubt on Rahu/Ketu
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I have read the below from a website and confused, so kindly guideme.If Rahu/ketu are not conjoined by any planet would they give result of a planet aspecting or by the star lord in which they are deposited?

1.1. Origin of Rahu/Ketu Rules
(KP Reader II, 1983, page 315 )
Rahu or Ketu will act as a strong agent to the planets to which they are conjoined. If they are not conjoined with any planet, then they give the results of the planet which aspects them. Only when they are neither conjoined with, nor aspected by any planet, they represent the lord of the house. (Uthrakalamrita -- Khanda VI Sloka 14 onwards)
1) Rahu or Kethu indicates the results of planet which it is conjoined;
2) If no planet in conjunction, the results of planets aspecting it;
3) If neither conjoined nor aspected, the results of the constellation in which it is deposited;
4) Lastly the result of the sign in which it is deposited.
1.3. Similar Version by Sri C. B. Bhatt
(Nakshatra Chintamani, page 19)
Rahu/Ketu as PLANET gives:
1) Firstly, the results of the planet in conjunction with it,
2) Secondly, the results of the planet aspecting it,
3) Thirdly, the results of its own star lord, and
4) Fourthly, the results of the owner of the sign occupied by it.
1.4. A Slightly Different Version by Guruji KSK
(by taking the STARLORD \"before\" the planet in aspect/ KP Reader VI, 1978/2002, pages 187/212/214/274/276)
A node gives:
1) Firstly, the result of the planet or planets with which it is conjoined,
2) Secondly, of the star lord in which it is deposited,
3) Then, of the planet or planets aspecting it and
4) Lastly, of the lord of the sign in which it is deposited..

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