Author Topic: Effect of Bej Mantras during the bad times  (Read 5403 times)


Effect of Bej Mantras during the bad times
« on: October 16, 2011, 10:42:03 PM »
How would Bej Mantras help the individual during his bad time?


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Effect of Bej Mantras during the bad times
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Effect of Bej Mantras during the bad times
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Bej mantras will effectively work only after they're passed on from a guru.
Just reading out mantras from random books will not yield proper results.

However, purpose of those mantras (one mantra will not yield any result, you need to combine atleast two) is to attain enough power to achieve something in life or atleast get some protection from evil forces like jealous people, witchcrafts etc.

Each mantra has specific vibration and it should be recited few lakhs number of times to attain siddhi over it.
Only after that, reciting it atleast 27 or 54 or 108 times/day will make it work for you.

for example if a mantra has to be recited 10 lakh times before attaining siddhi, it takes few months or even years for us to complete that number with dedication and concentration.
May be by that time, we'll already pass through bad periods.

If you just want a job, marriage, income and normal life, then dont go after those mantras.
For immediate relief during bad dasas, offering prayers at temples will give some mental relief only
(even here karma is not removed, only its intensity on your mind is varied or karma is shifted to future as done by few siddha gurus)

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Effect of Bej Mantras during the bad times
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2012, 12:44:11 AM »
Dear guru\'s,

 I have been advised by many astrologers that I should recite 18000 mantras of rahu in order to get the best result of Rahu Maha dasha.
How far does things gives relief from ill effects of rahu.

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