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Four Wheeler means - Astrologically meaning
« on: March 06, 2011, 07:47:00 PM »
Good Day.
Learned Members.

One Doubt please clear it possible to say astrologically one native will have four wheeler or not?

If yes, Four Wheeler means Car or  Bus or Truck ...then one native wants to know whether he will have car or not how can a astrologer can say it...?



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Four Wheeler means - Astrologically meaning
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Star Dust

Four Wheeler means - Astrologically meaning
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yes. venus decides comfortable vehicles(cars)
if its strong enough and if you have benefics in 4th house, you will have cars, if average planets = 2 wheeler
else no vehicle
also take into account 4th lord, and 4th house sublord

also a person will buy a car or some vehicle when dasa and antardasa are related to strong occupant of 4th house.
there are many ways to conclude this.
one single rule wont help
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Four Wheeler means - Astrologically meaning
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Good Day.
Star Dust Ji.

Thanks a lot for prompt response.
but here are few questions are arise..

1.Is it possible an astrologer can classify whether the native will have four wheeler CAR / TRUCK / BUS.

What I want to know all the above comes under four wheelers..
but How can as astrologer can predict car or truck / bus...?

2.Having four wheelers can happen in 3 ways as per my knowledge

a.purchase him self. (his hard earning money)
b.gifted by some one...(by father / in-law / company etc.,
c.the native he may not have his own vehicle on his name but he enjoys i.e A company provides a Manager car for 24 hrs...though its not his own he enjoys it for long time...

in the above occasions how can an astrologer classify the above situations?



Four Wheeler means - Astrologically meaning
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2011, 06:13:58 PM »

You have to take only horary questions in these matters. Never check natal chart and give predictions regarding these.

Cancer sign and scropio sign are multilegged signs. These signs having connection with 4th house signifies vehicles more than 4 wheels. But even this rule may change soon as many new cars are entering market that are multi wheeled.

2nd house connection shows self possessed, 10th connection shows office vehicle etc...

The rules now have to be modified because the old books suggests rules that were applicable at that point of time. We have to keep pace with modern scenarios.

For eg: 4th house signifying venus, earlier astrologers used to predict cars. Almost 20 years back there were very few people owning cars. But now even though a person may not have 4th house signifying venus, still he has a car. So rules changes due to fast paced life in modern day world due to growth of country, advancement in technologies etc.

Many people have 4th house related to Saturn. As per the rule they will own only cycle. Cycle is related to saturn because it involves manual labour of peddaling etc.. Its not luxury.  But in today\'s world many ppl with saturn sublord of 4th house are owning cars.
Astrologers were no doubt correct at that time,but we have to modify the rules taking into the practical developments.

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