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Moon Transit Timings in the star "Satabisha"
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@ Virinchi, I am posting whatever things I observed during this transit. I am able to analyse most of the general things but would appreciate your insight on some points.

During Rahu-Rahu, almost minutes after beginning, one of my aunts (Mom\'s friend) had to be hospitalised. Timely hospitalisation saved her. I almost drifted to sleep at the end of this (around 10:45 hrs) but then woke up because of a hypnic jerk.

Next, I couldnt sleep during entire Rahu-Jupiter timings because of a bad headache. Spent time talking to a friend.

Somewhat an hour after start of Rahu-Saturn timings(02:34 hrs), I could finally manage to sleep and I woke up before this ended (at around 5:47 hrs).

During Rahu-Mars, got a call from a long lost friend after an year or so.

Rest all went to be more or less uneventful. So these are where I can\'t clearly draw any inference.

Would appreciate if you highlight as to what meaning does this waking up-sleeping-waking up thing has ?

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Function of Dasa Lord
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Function of Dasa Lord
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how did 11th house come into picture here ?
rahu has to give results of mercury (5,8) and its own placement (10)
since mercury and virgo are connected to hospital/medicine/treatments etc, at your age you should be studying something related to them.
Rahu controls education in medicine and your dasa in teenage helps in that matter.
If your age was more, you would be working in some hospital already.
But if you didnt study medicine in past, then you would get trained as nurse in rahu dasa.

Now since mercury is signifying 8th house (most imp factor here is virgo sign), you wont get satisfactory results in your pre-medical exam (also transits matter)

i've seen a guy with venus dasa, leo ascendant.
venus is giving results of jupiter (5,8) in 10.
so even though he should be doing good, he's still struggling and dissatisfied due to 8th house ownership of jup
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Function of Dasa Lord
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What all the effects of Saturn dasa.


Function of Dasa Lord
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sateesh, dont ask general questions plz.
stick to the topic above

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