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How to learn Astrology
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@ phemnath,

One needs to have an astrologers horoscope to learn astrology, or else you wont understand this subject.
Just by seeing predictions of others, you can appreciate, get inspired but deciding to learn it just to 'feel' it is not necessary.
Answers for your questions

1. Even a Gorilla can learn it if it has astrologers horoscope and can read books, think analytically+logically etc
2. One can even eat raw human flesh and still practice astrology
3. If no faith, then dont attempt. This will become more than a hobby and eat your time, brain everything if you start understanding it.
4. Its a belief followed by many but predictions dont change in KP irrespective of day/night

This forum is for someone who knows basics of astrology, so others can stay out
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How to learn Astrology
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How to learn Astrology
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Thank you seetaram ji for your answers to my queries... If i hurt anyone with my queries,Sorry to them



How to learn Astrology
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I started learning astrology as hobby and in last 2 months by skipping the mathematical part of it, I learned from books of KN RAO, BV Raman, Youtube channels and now i can tell very basic things like condition of planet in different houses, Aspects of planet, conjunction and very basic prediction.

Can any of you senior guys guide me how to learn predict, When i see horoscope of new person i am not able to tell what will be result of particular combination of planet in particular house. For example- Yesterday my sister showed me Her horoscope and there were 5 planets in Lagna and suddenly i was not able to judge it.

Is there any particular classic book where all combination, house effects, effect of particular planet in different houses and result of dasha are given.

Please guide me from where i learn more, I am unable to join any class but i can take time out easily 3-4 hours daily to study. I am also searching if any of you experts can teach me online and surely not for free.

Any advice will be helpful.

Thanks and Regards


How to learn Astrology
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Dear astrology practioners,

Whenever i tried to learn astrology through my horosocpe, i found badthings . These will dissappoint to learn further and i will think about badthings for longer time.. How you are controlling the emotions.. do share some experiences about this..


How to learn Astrology
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First and most important point to check is : Do you have it in your horoscope to become an astrologer ?
This forum has motivated many to learn astrology (especially K.P), but most of them remained inconsistent and kept failing (despite copying ideas from here) because they don't have it in their chart.
To know that, consult a good astrologer personally.
Do not post your horoscope here, as you may feel other astrologers might discourage you


How to learn Astrology
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Thank u paanchajanya

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How to learn Astrology
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Jeromy Tailor

How to learn Astrology
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I would like to learn about Astrology as well. How can I learn effectively?


How to learn Astrology
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Hello seniors,  I'm very interested in learning kp astrology. I have downloaded jagannatha Hora software link given in this site. But when ever I cast a chart for any event. 1st sublord and 7th sublord displays same.  Is this software accurate? Kindly guide me.

N Murthy

How to learn Astrology
« Reply #18 on: April 11, 2019, 12:06:05 PM »
Read some vedic books and western astrology books for basics.
For basics, read KN Rao, BV Raman books.
Once, basics are over, then, go for kp method to learn advanced level.
for advanced level, read kp readers 1 to 6, astro secrets books in kp, etc.

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