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Kindly clarify this doubt
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Hi to every one here,

i heard that People having Combusted Mercury (or) Retrogade Mercury in their Birth chart...those people should worship Goddess Durga & should do fasting on Wednesday as remedies during Mercury mahadasha or its antarsadha.

My doubt is whether people should perform that remedy only  during its dasha (or) whole life???

i request others to clarify this point.


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Kindly clarify this doubt
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Kindly clarify this doubt
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If mercury is weak/combust they cannot spell out what they are really thinking.
Lack of decision taking, shyness to talk in public, digestion problems. Selfishness, liars, nervous weakness, poor dressing and Retrograde Mercury in birth chart makes the child unable to speak in childhood (after 3 or 5 years, he may speak based on the condition of the mercury)

Individuals are slow and deliberate in thinking process. Slow Grasping/ learning. Individual will get confused in making decisions.

suggested remedies :

1. Donating to eunuchs frequently. Never reject them if they ask by themselved.
2. Praying to lord Vishnu and chanting Vishnu sahasra namas (1000 names of Vishnu) daily will improve the condition of the child in his/her studies.
3. Visiting temple of Sarada Devi or Durga Devi or Saraswati Devi on the day of Moola star (Star Moola comes once in a month) is auspicious.
4. Chanting lord Hayagreeva stotram / mantra is also good.

search with keyword 'mercury remedies' in this site


Kindly clarify this doubt
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thanx alot :)

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