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mangalik match making
« on: February 01, 2013, 08:51:59 PM »
in tamil nadu mangalik  persons find it very hard to  get matches. astrologers here make it a big issue along with the resence of rahu or ketu in  first or second house. they dont take into consideration the factors that cancel or nullify kuja dosha.
what  do k.p astrologers have to say on this topic?

also, they insist that ppl with rahu or ketu in first or second house should marry ppl with similar placements which make it an equal dosha match. and i think it is not in practice in other states.


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mangalik match making
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mangalik match making
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there is nothing like mangalik in k.p astrology.
your partner will cause you to suffer/differentiate/seperate/die/divorce, based on position of 7th sublord only.
i\'ve seen people with rahu+mars+saturn in 7th house, yet living happily

if old fashioned astrologers still want to live in their own outdated world, can they dare to explain why many marriages are ending in divorce (when they\'re fixing best possible muhurtas according to their panchangs)


mangalik match making
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^^  many   marriages are delayed  due to  the ignornance and misguidance of  novice astrologers. this has been happening for so many years now.  a new addition to this baseless claim is the issue of rahu -ketu match making in  t.n . becos of this many probable marriages are affected.  


mangalik match making
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mangalik match making
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karthik55, more planets will be added in the list in future so that those people can make more money by performing useless and aimless shanti poojas.
when 7th sublord (it can be any of the 9 planets) is responsible for matrimonial life, these ignorants want to blame only mars or now rahu+ketu
even a benefic jupiter in own sign or exalted venus or exalted mercury can cause divorce and dual marriage

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