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A Musing..
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A Musing..
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A Musing..
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Apologies for the empty post above..

The thing is.. we\'re given to astrology.. which for me (and i think for most of us, astrologers) relates to understanding the law of karma better than the usual lot.. since deep down inside we know that whatever the horoscope may show, pleasure or plight, is nothing but the price soul has to pay in this life.. And yeah you can try mitigate the hardships a little but you really can\'t hide. Basically, you don\'t get your destiny, it gets you.

And most of what we predict comes out to be accurate since we all follow Vimshottari dasa system which guides toward what a soul would feel during a certain period.

Now the problem..

What can be the purpose of the soul which knows all that??

Moksha?  (i doubt that since a fair share of us won\'t have combinations for it in our horoscopes)


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