Author Topic: Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !  (Read 62692 times)


Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !
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these days fake nadi readers with  madeup leaves are practically in evry major town of tamil nadu and in evry major city in india. they phisssh out information through their cleverly structured questioning and present it as taken from a single leaf and some try to scare ppl using doshas n charge hefty sums for remedies prsecribed in their made up leaves. i have tried to search for my n one of my family memebers leaf in so many centers but couldnt locate a genuine  nadi reader.but my fren got his in salem . even the name of his would be spouse  was mentioned in that leaf and his career predictions turend out true. later he got married to the same girl as mentioned in the leaf and was not even aware of that when it happened. he only realised it later when he accidently located that long forgotten cassete at his home and played it  in the presence of his wife.

wing commander, sasikanth oak n wng cmmdr rakesh nanda from pune have been pursuing the cause of nadi leaves astrology for more than a decade now. even their  nadi group on yahoo is mostly inactive these days and i practically given up my search for my leaf for now. but ill  goto  vaitheeswaran koil later thisyear give a final try. let us see.

also, theres an informative article on the astro website starteller which nadi seekers must read,imo.ill try to paste the link later.

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Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !
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Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !
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Yes my brother too went to nadi and his past & present were accurate.
Before he opened his mouth or gave any clue, he could spell  parents names, their professions, his qualifications and profession.
Predictions proved accurate in initial 2 yrs but later they didnt.
I mean, whatever he predicted to happen between 2010-11 is still yet to happen

Astrologically i felt all predictions were true but will happen with some time lag(when compared to naadi)
May be that guy could not properly interpret dravidian tamil (old) language poems into present language
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Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !
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gosh ,i  had jus written a sizeable abt nadi astrology n i  even saved it before posting it . but jus wen i posted it the server went down and before i could fix it,my battery turned low n crased n i lost te text. this happens to me all te it coz my 8th lord is placed in first ouse.?

about my nadi post ill keep it short, theres  a  famous nadi astrologer in amalapuram ,A.P. es called dr rao. he is featured in tis interesting video


Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake !
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Interesting discussion. I'm having some additions. I have seen three pdf books called Devekeralam chardrakala nadi in the internet. But it does not contain the descriptions on all degrees.

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