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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
« on: March 15, 2013, 11:19:17 PM »
Hi All,

As subject suggested i want to post one natal's chart for analysis. I have read many things about Neecha Bhaga Raja Yoga and also seen some examples where Natal got success after 32 years but there are many speculations about this yoga.

I have seen many kundalis where there are 3 or 4 uccha planets but person still living normal life and i have also seen some kundali's where you dont see any such good yoga's and 3 or 4 neecha planets but person is still living happy life. In this kundali there are 4 neecha planets but all are aspect each other all are having neech bhagna and also 1 planet is vergottami and also in parivartana which is of Kendra and Trine.

Also in Bhav Chalit Kundali maximum planets are changing their house so it would even more complex to predict such kundali. I want expert openion on this kundali.

I have seen many kundali and also seen this kundali according to me this natal will live happy life after 32 yrs of age and will earn good amount of money due to some good yoga but still want expert openion.

Middeltown, Connecticut, USA.

Please let me know your expert views.



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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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the horoscope is of a kid, which doesn't give any exprience to judge as it hasn't seen enough life.
also, all these yogas (especially raja yogas) are misleading and useless terms in this present world.
refer to other topics in this section on yogas


Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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Yes i agree that in modern world seeing and predict life has been changed drastically. like in astrology if Guru and Rahu are together then it is not good Yoga but in recent world this yoga is very powerful since it will give some political nature to natal and it will survive in such world where honesty will not give you much benefit. even i know if in your kundali there is uccha planet only then it will not give you benefic results all the time.

My curiosity was just to know this complex horoscope since there are 3 main factors and how to see such kundali and how to predict as per recent way of looking horoscope. 3 main things in this horoscope is.

1) more delibitated planents getting Neccha Bhanga

Venus : Its debitilated but in parivartan with its naisargic friend planet Buddha ( Maha Parivartan Yoga)
Its also vergottami so also getting neecha Bhanga

Sun : Its debitilated but the house owner is Venus and its in Parivartan yoga with Buddha and also vergottami so it is getting neecha bhanga so Sun got strength from Venus annd both got neecha bhanga and this is called cyclic Neecha bhaga Raja Yoga

Marsh : Marsh in cancer and house owner is moon is in 10th house which is Kendra to Lagna so it has got neech a bhagna also Jupitor is seeing Marsh from Capricon from 8th house so another Debitilated planet is seeing another debitilated planet so it gives strength to Marsh to come out of its debilitation.

Jupitor: same marsh is seeing jupitor and so its also getting neecha bhanga also house owner is Saturn whichi is in Kendra from Moon as well as from Lagna so jupitor is getting good amount of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga..

also this planets are moving one sign ahead in Bhav Chalit Kundali...

So many points that i want to understand and how to check as per recent world.

I appreciate your view if you can..



Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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all these yogas are stupidity and makes no sense at all.
dont waste your time to judge effects of something that will never show any effects.

If you have lot of time and nothing else to do, then go ahead with those theories.
else, read something useful like this....

If you really wanna learn, take examples of persons who have seen enough life so that you can look into their experiences, dasas etc and see what actually are the reasons behind them.
and use some scientific approach
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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Yes you are true that some yogas never come into effect and we will never see any such effect of yogas in anyones life..

what i want to know is how to read kundali then if we wil not go by ancient astrology concepts.. i agree that we dont have to waste our time but what i believe is we need to learn something new to help some people when they really seek for guidance.

thats what my motive is to learn complex kundalis and predict something well in advance and see if it is happening or not..

though i appreciate your reply and thanks for letting me know.



Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2013, 12:05:03 AM »
majority astrologers (well almost everyone) here follow K.P astrology
it solves the problem of reading complex divisional charts
one person can have D-1, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-20, D-30, D-45, D-6-, D-108 and even D-144 and many more intermittent charts.
to give accurate predictions, astrologer has to read most of those charts and he needs to reason himself that ayanamsa he follows is accurate.

K.P solves all those issues easily. For example, traditional astrology can never predict cricket matches, toss result, timing of fall of wickets etc like K.P does (see topics in cricket section/board)
go through other topics in this section to understand more.

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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2013, 02:24:24 PM »
I Understand your point that here all are following KP. What my question is can you help me validate my understanding what i have mentioned in my previous thread about what i have predict about this kid.

I give you example for my cousine who is 18 yrs old now when he born we predict something about him and we gave it to my cousine in written that this will be our prediction and please validate the same as and when you see something is happening. Today he told us that most of the things are going accurate till time and many more to follow in future so this way we can make sure that what points we are considering is perfect and this way we can predict something better and we are doing this to help the people who believe in kundali and misguided by some astrologers who do business and take advantage of people who are already in problems.

anyway this is just to update my knowledge and if anyone of you who replied to my post, if you have created kundali of this kid using KP then please let me know what you see after seeing his kudali about education and career wise since that is the only thing we can concentrate for this kid...

I understand that we should not believe any yogas and all but we can not nullify their effect entierly as well. I have predict something good and bad for myself as well and i have seen it happened and i faced a lot during that time and came out of it.

I also belive that even begger has many yogas in his kundali but still they are begger and even for some celebrity we will not find out any such big yogas and even with 1 or  2 yogas in their kundali we can not believe that this person is so wealthy so its mystery that is for sure and it can be answered using KP.

so you all are more knowlegeble then me sincei may be starter for KP compare to you so i just need your views about this kundali according to KP and then i will validate the differences between KP and normal way of seeing kundali.

Please share your thought.



Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
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Hi Virinchi,

I agree with you 1000% and i am also using scientific approach to seeing kundali since i am not professional and i only help people who are in need and that to even only they believe in kundli.

I apprecaite that you suggested nice way and i have seen many kundali in past where its very hard to find out why with such a good placement of planets is not giving good time to this person and yes at that time we have to see all aspects of kundali using KP and all other divisional charts..

I will check this kid's kundali using KP but also appreciate your views about his career and study... if you can devote your time...


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