Author Topic: New Astrological Sun Signs - Now Total Of 13 Sun Signs With Ophiuchus Becoming 13th  (Read 7572 times)


will is make any difference

i am a Virgo by sun sign will all change. our nature will change? will it apply on moon signs too


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someone dint like or understand astrology well, so tried to create something on his own.
sunsigns are very broad and usually useless because every 12th person on earth is born in same sign and its impossible to have only 12 types of ppl on earth.

its foolish to say that all millions of people born in 1 month gap act similar

moon sign are better than sun signs prediction because moon describes your mind, but even this is not real good enough because every 27th person on earth is born in same constellation

so, individual chart with exact sublords is only best way to understand a person
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I agree with Seetaramji\'s statement of \"Moon signs are better than Sun signs\". Sun signs are very broad and can explain only the general behavior of a person who falls in the range but other things can be captured from Moon signs.

Had a really tough time in understanding people\'s mentality based on their Sun sign; sometimes encountered people of same Sun sign behave mutually opposite in terms of relationships


Mr.Seetaram is a Master and whatever he said is absolutely right. Even with Stars, we are not predicting anything. It totally depends on the Planets and their positions. In Vedic Astrology, they\'ll see in which house a particular planet is placed. But in KP, we are seeing only the constellations where the planets are placed and also we are going deeper like SUB & SUB-SUB, etc. Hence this 13th zodiac sign is not gonna matter anyone here.

Also zodiac sign is not a physical entity in the space. It\'s just a name we have given from a particular angle(degree) to a particular angle where a planet is placed from the earth. Hence it\'s not gonna change anything in terms of predictions. Hence whatever our Astrologers predict will also remain correct as ever. No need to worry about that.
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Which people belongs to 13th sign.

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