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Pending Karma Query
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Very good information shared. Although I consider myself as a toddler in astrology and follow lagan chart only not much into cuspal charts or nadi astrology, So in respect to lagan chart should we also consider 6th house as the past life karma? Learned members can validate on this. If we see planets in 6th house from ascendant, Planets sitting in 6th house, 6th sign lord and its connection and siginfication.
Another note is to count x numbers of sign  from your ascendant.
X= number of your ascendant in kapurush kundali/ Natural sign number ( Aries- 1st house, Taurus -2nd, Cancer-4th)
So Let's say if you are a Libra ascendant, Libra is 7th natural zodiac sign. Count 7 houses from Libra. It will be Aries. Check Lord of Aries(Mars) Where it is sitting  and its nakshatra/significations.
That's most probably you are here to learn in this life time.
Let's take an easy example. If X has cancer ascendant. Which is 4th natural zodiacal sign.  4th from cancer will fall under libra and we need to see where Venus(Lord of Libra sign) is sitting. Let's say its sitting in 7th house Capricorn. So 7th house is about marriage, legal partnerships and venus is related to women/luxury/relationships. So we can calculate X is here to prominently learn about these significations , Further we can also calculate nakshtara and dignity of venus to know further.
It's just a raw info , Needs to check/validate from learned members.

For Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.  You are on point, Phemanth. We are here because of Moon,  Rahu and Ketu are nodes+ Karma comes from mind, thoughts, Ketu that feeling of detachment or what we already achieved from past few births/last birth, So we feel dettached towards ketu signification. Rahu is our desire what we desired and now we are here to fullfill that obsession whether we made it consciously   or unconciouslly, But it all coming from Mind( Moon) and on other hand Saturn's role is to deliver results as per our karma.
Just a thought though.
So knowing what we are here to learn really helps attend that part of life with consciousness  or atleast take serious responsibilities towards those parts of life. Those are my personal thoughts and whatever I perceived. If any learned members can verify those information/thoughts and guide further, I would be really grateful. :)
It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.

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Pending Karma Query
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Pending Karma Query
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Hello Virinchi Sir,

I was reading your post from some thread

Here astrology helps you discover the hidden reasons behind results you experience in this life(past,present and future).
Thats why its called \'JYOTI\'SH, which throws light on reasons.

So if we know whats in store for us in future, we can be mentally prepared.
Also if we know reasons for bad karmic results, atleast we wont commit same mistakes in this life again.

we may not change whats going on around us but we can certainly try and change whats going on inside us.

It was from 2011, And I think I was asking the same question in this thread. I was not able to put question in right direction so it's context got changed. But My intention was to know the mistakes I did in past so I don't  commit the same mistake again.
Like in earlier readings you suggested don't do partnership business in future, Your partner will cheat you and your other predictions. I must have done something really crappy in past regarding that fact. What my soul purpose is in this life time and what lessons should I learn based on my past deeds. So I don't repeat the same mistakes again.

Practicing meditations and kriya. So I can make sure that I become more watchful of my thoughts and purify them and progress my soul purpose further.

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