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Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
« on: April 20, 2011, 11:23:37 AM »
I don\'t know if I am supposed to start a new thread about this. But anyways, if a new thread is not needed, please merge it.

Regarding my doubt,

According to a rule, If 7th CSL signifies the Ascendant and simultaneously one or both of 2nd or 11th houses, then marriage is denied. In addition, 7th CSL not signifying 7th house is also an indicator.

But according to another rule, If Mercury is 7th CSL, then it is supposed to give two marriages to the native if it signifies 2nd or 11th houses.

Now, If in a particular case, Mercury is 7th CSL and it agrees in terms with rule (1) mentioned above, then what is the outcome ?

Dual marriage or No marriage ?
Please clarify.


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Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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there\'s some info about 7th sublord in these 2 articles


just because 7th S.L is mercury or jupiter, there can\'t be 2 marriages.
that sublord has to occupy a dual sign(pisces, gemini, virgo, sagittarius, out of which gemini and pisces are more dual) and also divorce should be indicated by his 6th house strongest significator.

if there is not divorce but dual marriage, then he/she will marry with or without his 1st spouse consent and have 2 spouses same time.

also check dasa if divorce and 2nd marriage is supported in present and near future dasas.

prof. krishnamurti\'s rule that 7th sublord occupying dual sign will give 2 marriages, has been proved right in 75% cases.
but if you verify what i said above, then case studies have given 93% result which is very good in astrology.

those case studies were done in one k.p astrology yahoo group.

there\'s also one more interesting thread by kannan, on if a girl will become second wife of a guy or if a man will become second husband of a lady

there\'s lot to research in this


Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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Thank you so much for all the clarifications.

You mean to say that if the 7th CSL is occupying a dual sign and the three rules mentioned are applicable to the chart, then we can say to some extent that there is possibilty of two marriages, whether a divorce is predicted or not. (6th house\'s strongest significator if connected to 7th indicates divorce).

Now regarding the chart I looked at - The 7th CSL is Mercury, occupying Sagittarius (a dual sign) and it is a strong significator to the ascendant as well as level-two significator to 11th cusp. So this Mercury by its association with lagna and 11th should negate the possibility of marriage. (though there maybe more rules to see negation of marriage in a chart like association with 10th or 12th rather than lagna.)

And had it been otherwise, like this - This Mercury (occupying dual sign) didn\'t signify the ascendant but only 11th house, then the outcome derived out of this would have been a dual marriage. (legal since its 11th cusp and not 2nd).

Also an intriguing point I noticed, that this particular chart did follow rules (1) & (3) but not (2) for dual marriage.

So is this inference correct that marriage is not possible because the ascendant got involved?


Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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k.p readers say that 7th CSL if placed in dual signs will give 2 marriages.
but astro secrets written by KSK\'s son subramaniam, say that the constellation lord of 7th CSL should be in dual sign to give 2 marriages.

Also, if 7th CSL signifies 2nd house or 2nd CSL signifies 7th house, a person will marry twice.

which one is true ?


Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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astrosecrets written by subramaniam is only creating confusion but not useful.
also k.p books are written as a series of case studies but not as proper books in indexed format, so its difficult to judge which is right.

in 4th k.p reader on marriage, married life and children itself, prof KSK has given many contradictory methods to judge marriage timing, dual marriage, divorce etc.
in every generation we find new cases where old rules fail.

like in this thread, they\'ve observed that 2nd marriage can happen legally without divorce or death of 1st spouse.


Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2013, 06:30:03 PM »
11th house is not much of an importance in legal marriages.
only check 2 and 7 sublords signifying either of those houses
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Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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Star Dust

Regarding 7th CSL signifying marriage.
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yes. infact 3 and 9 are more important if the matter under consideration is an arranged marriage by the family.
3 indicates one's agreement/judgement, 9 indicates other person's agreement/judgement
if 11 is partner's mind and relationship, then why 5 (person's mind) not considered
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