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School of earth, Karma
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Karma is the law of cause and effect.

We get what we give and we sow what we reap.

Karma is the action. We give out action by our thoughts, words and physical actions. Your intentions and desires with what you think also generate strong karma.

Karma effects us in everyday lives. Their is health karma, career karma, wealth karma, romance karma, enivironmental karma and so on. And the country you were born in is by no accident.

One may ask why is person X very fortunate, talented, beautiful and intellegent?

You see, that person has rightly earned their good fortune. They may be beautiful becuase they have respected their body and health in this life and in previous lifetimes, by having the right mindset, exercise, diet and rest.

They are talented becuase they chose their profession and built up their skill, knowledge and talents though many lifetimes.
They maybe wealthy becuase they have respected and use their money well in many lifetimes and in the present life.

The person liked by women, or have good fortunes with women, since they support/have supported and respected women.

This is my post on karma.


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School of earth, Karma
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School of earth.
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Also, to generate good karma, be appreciative and respectful of everything, have the right attitude to life and be happy in your life, whatever situation or profession it is and strive to be the best you can be.


School of earth.
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The power of Karma, Mary T Browne
Karma and Reincarnation, Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

Love is good karma and vanish any negative karma. Incredibly talented people like Morart, different businessman, actors and singers have mastered their art through different reincarnations.


School of earth.
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Reincarnation n The Law of karma: Karma makes us understand the cause n effects of our actions. Understanding karma is a major step in our spiritual Evolution.... :)

1) Sanchit karma=total sum of karma accumulated from all lifetimes.
2) Prarabdha karma=ripened karma...effects w be seen in current lifetime.
3) Agami karma=present actions added in recent which affects future.

Reincarnation n Karma r interrelated.
Karma in not a reward or punishment.
Karma is somethng over which we have no control.
Karma is worked out over many lifetimes.
Karma gets burnt n destroyed in the fire of Wisdom.

Recarnation is therefroe linked to the evolution on the SOUL.
We go through the stages of diff soul......INfant soul, Baby soul, Young soul. Mature soul, Old soul, Transcendental soul, Infinite soul.


School of earth.
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\"Whether you consciously realize it yet or not, u have enrolled yourself by choice (on the level of your Higher Self) in a spiritual class-room.
And the School of karma ( Macrocosm) is just like any Earth School in most respects and if u have learned particularly well, you may even skip a grade or so\"                                - Linda Goodman

Life9+ is here to learn on this school of earth.gudday frnds ;)

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