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Signs and their work habits
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One look around the office space and you can almost tell if Raksha is a Gemini and if Rajesh is a Sagit. Try out the following and you will see how we display our zodiac signs at our workstations.

Aries: These folks are immensely talented when it comes to work but they hardly display it. Must be their philosophy in life: Don\'t worry, Be Happy. A poster about life and beer, a dreamy eyed dude/nymph, a couple of friendship tags, these are the stuff you will find on their desk.

Taurus: Their desks are often as clean as freshly wiped slates. In fact, you would not even find a pen or a scrap of paper on their workstations. Minimalistic and functional, that is the Taurus motto.

Gemini: They do not mind a pic or two of their favourite gods, maybe of their siblings or children. But on the whole, it is very sober. No fun or funkiness for them here. If it is a workstation it better be just work for them.

Cancer: One two-year resume of a friend, a tattered \"Love You\" card, a broken pen mug, and other such unnecessary, but sentimental stuff occupy their desks. They are good workers who will feel distraught if this stuff is removed.

Leo: If it is the Leo\'s desk, you do not have to look for attitude. It is up there, loud, bold and in-your-face. A Garfield poster, a hot wallpaper of the happening star, a funky mobile phone, hundreds of cheeky one-liner strips, the Leo does not spare anything to display his/her attitude.

Virgo: All that talk of these folks being control freaks and perfectionists somehow does not translate onto their desks. They are so busy doing their work and getting projects ready that they have no time to clean their desk. As a result, clutter is the prime attraction out here.

Libra: These people barely care about what is around their desk as long as they can get their work going. They are so unromantic at times that even the most beautiful desk calendar may be lying somewhere down the drawer instead of on the desktop.

Scorpio: Somebody tell them to have some passion in life. Again, these people are so caught up in their own work that nothing but work-related stuff makes it to their workstations. Things to do list, extension number list, important telephone numbers, city maps, these are the unmistakable stuff on their desks.

Sagittarius: Less is more for them. Except perhaps their office bag and a bottle of mineral water, there is not much on their desk. They prefer few distractions and hate it when others bring in stuff there.

Capricorn: The folks do love to do up their space at work but they are so busy restructuring their chairs, their cubicles, getting a new computer etc that they have no time to stick up those little comic strips or download their favourite wallpapers.

Aquarius: The latest desktop calendar, the most advanced palmtop and loads of Net stuff find place on their desk. Throw in a few work-related magazines, a few conference souvenirs etc and you have the Aquarius desk ready.

Pisces: Not one single scrap on their desk gives out their character. They are extremely secretive about their work culture and rarely display their attitude through their desks. Even the coffee mugs and key chains they have would have been gifts.


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Signs and their work habits
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Signs and their work habits
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good one
i can see myself as capricorn


Signs and their work habits
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am a virgo i guess
bdw are these sunsigns or moonsigns


Signs and their work habits
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Signs and their work habits
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quite true according to my sign ..


Signs and their work habits
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wow, absolutely correct regarding my sign as well as my partner\'s :)

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Signs and their work habits
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Signs and their work habits
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quite well !!!

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