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Times for casting charts
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Apologies in advance if this question has already been discussed before on the forum ; also apologies for my naivety in asking this question.

My query is that why is time of birth and not time of conception (theoretically speaking,if it could be ascertained) used for casting the natal charts?
Is it because an individual's karma-kanda begins only after birth and till then the Prarabdha is guiding the events related to the rebirth of the soul in this life as long as the body is in the womb?


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Times for casting charts
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Times for casting charts
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For vimsottari dasa system we follow what sage parasar has advised for kali yug.
In earlier yugas birth time was considered like you mentioned.
Now BT is when kid takes first breath outside womb (when air enters lungs and it cries).
Ketu is the only active planet between time of death in past life and birth in present life
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Times for casting charts
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Thanks for the reply and clearing my doubt sir.

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