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tropical zodiac
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i have recently come across information suggesting that sri yukteswar was using the tropical zodiac. can anyone verify this?also it was suggested to use nakshatra zodiac with the galactic centre being the middle of mula .using dhasa system with this seems to give quite accurate changeover points in my life, when dhasa planet changes. has anyone experimented with this method?


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tropical zodiac
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tropical zodiac
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Followers of  Paramahamsha Yogananda in the West often prefer the ayanamsha of Paramahamsha Yogananda’s guru  Shri Yukteshwar.  

Shri Yukteshwar\'s ayanamsha is significantly out of the range of conventional precession rates, and is used by only a very small minority of working astrologers.

many are infact attracted towards this tropical after reading his book The Holy Science [Kaivalya Darshanam] by Swami Shri Yukteswar.  


Unfortunately, in practice with real people\'s lives in mundane earth time, many found that Shri Yukteshwar\'s ayanamsa does not test out too well compared with Raman or Lahiri or KP  

Although I normally use Lahiri ayanamsa and KP ayanamsa as they give correct results when predicting events through vimsottari dasa system

here i would follow what swami vivekananda said.
just because something was said by someone(even god) or published as a book, we need not follow it blindly.
test it for yourself and pick the right one.
even i tested vivekananda\'s writings too
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tropical zodiac
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tropical zodiac fail to predict appearances , relations and timings of events
i\'ve seen many who say they\'re saggittarian ascendants to be actually grouchy scorpions

even progressions used in western are not satisfactory
varsha phala are much better in vedic but even they are discarded these days as vimsottari dasa system proved 100% correct results

many methods will emerge as time passes but we must pick only which satisfies us

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