Can a horoscope show a person as incarnation of God

Started by jannu, April 21, 2010, 10:45:21 AM

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I met so many astrologers and read so many books but could not find answer to one question? any body is there to help me?

Is it possible to find anyone as an incarnation of god by looking his or her chart. examples rama, krishna, ramakrishna, satya sai baba etc. if so how?


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I felt no one is interested in personal readings, all are professionals and exchanging knowledge only. really you help people with your knowledge????


they were regarded as incarnations of god which is subject to belief and cannot be proved to everyone.
however couple of such horoscopes are discussed in this site

in lord rama\'s chart we can see 5 planets exalted which shows strict disciplined and principled lifestyle which suited that time.
in kaliyug no body is incarnation of god.
we can only see if a person is spiritual natured and have some spiritual power or not
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how can you conclude rama or krishna were incarnations of god?
who is god actually ?
why do many people still live under illusion that god is someone sitting up in sky and we are all created by him or her.
coming to rama or krishna even in their generations few regarded them as super humans and few ill-treated them
even today many people dont believe in gods and incarnations
when its a subject of belief , then whats the point in judging their horoscopes

all we can see is that whether they are more powerful than other normal humans around them or not.
There can be matured souls, powerful souls, super natural beings based on their horoscopes


concept of incarnation of god itself is wrong
all living and non living beings are gods, except that few realise it and others still didnt


The incarnation concept cannot be wrong, Though all are gods only few are able to realize and demonstrate supernatural powers to achieve some thing.

 others are not able to do.

My question is how it can be predicted by looking someone\'s chart, that is probably the purpose of living and ability to achieve it both should be extrodinary.

If everyone is god why some gods are not recogised as gods? whats the reason?

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who recognised them as gods?
even rama and krishna were not recognised as gods and krishna was even abused as cheater and magician by many.
there are people who question jesus\'s bechelorhood and allah\'s existence.

So no god/incarnation could effectively convince all humans (which are his own creations)
so they cannot be gods or incarnations
they\'re just some matured souls with more power than normal humans

if they\'re Gods, then they must be unquestionable.

so may be your question should be like : what indicates in a horoscope that one will have supernatural powers to make few people believe them ?

if you consider shirdi saibaba, he was also questioned and only few villagers around shirdi considered him as god.
Today, after his samadhi , he has many devotees.
if we already had rama, krishna, siva, narasimha, vishnu, hanuman, ganesh etc gods, then why did people turn to saibaba?

is it something lacking in traditional gods?
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stardust, You have any definition for god?

People consider supernatural souls as gods.

Every one not accepted rama and krishna as gods. but every one not rejected them as god.

My question is not related to philosaphy, infact it\'s not clear to you.

which planetary combination gives such power if astrology works on humans


i think it was explained by seetaram already
its a matter of belief
even puttaparthi satya saibaba and nityananda were considered as gods by few and not by few

events happening at their birth time are important
when krishna was born, it was suddenly cloudly and stormy.
yamuna river had floods and except his father all were asleep

rama was born after his father did yaga with powerful mantras