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Moles and Planetary Positions

Started by Apparao, April 17, 2009, 12:06:44 PM

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Hi all,

Some great information sharing here

I have a question -

I have a mole on my head. With head i mean on my skull under hairs. The place where brahmins keep their \"Choti\". Not easily seen. I myself came to know about it when recently i had to remove my hair as my grand pa expired. May have developed recently.

Anyhow, does it mean anything ? Its quite big in size and brownish in color.  

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Hi all,

Just found this website -

some good information on moles and its interpretations... :)
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A mole in the middle of the scalp will make the person very wealthy


Well well astrology palmistry numerology tarot and now moles so in astrology or palmistry if a person would lead life in wealth is predicted and in moles or palmistry if its seen as he would have a difficult life regarding finances so what would be the outcome?
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


Hey Guys,

This is really interesting. Not only in Chinese, we were also having the same stuff in our olden days. It was called as \"Samuthrika Lakshanam\". Mole Shastra was a part of this Shastra. But now a days, no one is a real expert in this.
Thanks & Regards,

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I have a mole kind of thing on inner side of the left thumb. But it appears to be thick dark sometimes unable to see it.


i guess moles on skin are not permanent like lines in palm


me too had the same doubt  like they might not be permanent when a mole on my cheek started getting blur when my complexion was getting brighter