KNOW your MOON SIGN , LAGNA and couple compatibility here

Started by OMkaar, July 17, 2009, 03:26:49 PM

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I have noticed that many members keep asking to see whats their moon sign.
Because everyone cannot download free softwares and check for themselves through this site, i\'m providing a link here to check it online

go to that link and enter your birth details


If you want to check compatibility of your nakshatra with your partner\'s then check both stars and

compare both female and male\'s nakshatras in this chart

left(horizontal) is female stars and right (vertical) is male star

if points are 18 are above, then its a good match


useful stuff OMkaar.. i\'ve seen a couple with just 5 points in above chart.
they have been living happily since more than a decade with 2 kids.

such cases can only be understood through k.p i guess


Hmm...Helps me!! Lot of questions put to rest.......


This is a nice info for a layman. They can check the Star Matches easily using this chart.

But in KP, this doesn\'t matter as Nivedita said. In KP, we\'ll check mainly the \"Praaptham\" only apart from the Chart.
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