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Title: Moles and Planetary Positions
Post by: Apparao on April 17, 2009, 12:06:44 PM
Moles have an important bearing on human personality, and it is possible that by looking at an individual's natal chart the placement of moles in a person can be predicted. Of course, there are exceptions and not everything can be predicted about moles - there are instances of prediction going wrong too.

Nadi Astrology gives the astrological analysis behind how the position of moles can be predicted by reading one's horoscope ¦

The lagna (ascendant) is taken into consideration to predict about moles. A cut, scar or a wound can be confirmed by looking at the house where Mars is placed. And the house where the planet Ketu is placed shows the body part where an individual will have a mole. For example, Ketu in the second house will give dark spots on the face.

The house in which Rahu is placed also shows moles in that particular area of the body. For instance - if Rahu is associated with the 11th lord or placed in the 11th house the person will have a mole in the leg as the 11th house signifies legs.

Combination of Saturn, Rahu and Mars in a particular house also signify moles in the specified body part.

Moles give negative results if it is formed due to conjunction of evil planets.

For men moles on the right side of the body is considered auspicious, while in women the left side is considered good.
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Post by: Apparao on April 17, 2009, 12:07:28 PM

Moles in hand bring bad luck
Moles in chin is considered very bad for married life
Moles in genitals lead to sexual addiction
Moles in buttocks make a person lucky at gambling
Moles on stomach leads to frequent tummy upsets and problems with children.
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Post by: poori on April 17, 2009, 12:25:02 PM
 is that applicable fo gals too.

what abt a mole on upperlip and nose?
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Post by: Sharmila on April 17, 2009, 01:44:29 PM
 Can u gimme the details more clearly. i mean moles on what part does what?[/color]
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Post by: OMkaar on May 28, 2009, 06:06:53 PM
few astrologers dont consider moles at all
they think moles are just beauty symbols or non-beauty
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Post by: poori on May 28, 2009, 07:03:45 PM
but thr r astrologers who consider this much. also few of my grand parents believe in it.

i think many of the youngsters believe in it so as they r going for artificial moles getting done in parlours. little recently ie ashwarya rai\'s wedding many astrologers predicted her luck basing on the mole on her palm so as ppl got attracted, ryt?
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Post by: rishi8011 on October 10, 2009, 10:25:50 AM
The moles are classified based on

Mole Size
Mole Color
Based on the size, colour and place where it is situated,the characteristic of a person can be determined.
one point: slow and steady get high position.

Based on Size
one point : If a point is seen then your life will be slow and steady and at later part of Life you get high position.

small round type : You will face problems, difficulties in life.

medium size : You want to live a comfortable life, but sometimes you are lazy. Hard work required.

Based on Color
Shade moles : You will not lose nor gain from anything.

Ash color moles : You will lead a simple life like a middle class

Wheat moles : You are brisk but you will face difficulty at first and later everything will be smooth.

Red color moles : You will have patience and most of them will be in teaching profession.
Yellow moles : You are talented in writing, poet and music.

Based on Place
Moles on Fore head : You will lead a good life, achieve Fame, Financial freedom and success in politics.

Moles on Below forehead : You have aim, confidence and will succeed above 40 years.

Moles on Eyebrow : You have to work hard, some will get job, no jealous.

Moles on Tip of Nose : Some will lack discipline.

Moles on Lips : sometimes you will be jealous of your friends and relatives.

Moles on Chin : You will achieve in politics. You will gain assests.

Moles on Tongue : you will have good education, Knowledge, planning and some will be a scholar.

Moles on Arms : You are polite, hardworking and lead a happy married life.

Moles on Elbow : You will struggle in life to achieve your goals and some will a young widower.

Moles on Armpit(left):You will face great struggle in early part of life and well rewarded later.

Moles on Armpit(right) : You have to be cautious in matter of security.

Moles on Neck : Sometimes you are unlucky and others make you fool.

Moles on Front : You will get unexpected good fortune.

Moles on Back : You will be working and others get name.

Moles on Chest : You will have no peace of mind and some will struggle in life.

Moles on Right : Your laziness will affect family life, you will enjoy to travel, and love comfort and luxury.

Moles on Left : You are active, energetic and get what you want in life.

Moles on Navel : you will have neither worries nor happiness and get ancestors property. Sometimes luck favors.

Moles on Buttocks : You are unambitious, recoinciled to any mode of life.

Moles on Thigh : you work hard and mostly people do business at later stage.

Moles on Foot : You lead a pure life and interested in social service. You achieve name, fame. Do exercise daily to stay healthy.

Moles on Leg : You will get assests, comforts through wife.

Moles on Ear: You are considered to be lucky.

Moles on Eye :You are honest, reliable.

Moles on Right eyebrow : You are highly active, successful in all ventures.

Moles on Finger : You are dishonest and exaggerate.

Moles on Hand : You are talented and achieve success in your life.

Moles on Heel : You make enemy easily and are prone losing friends.

Moles on Hip : You are satisfied, resilent and spirited.

Moles on Right knee : You are a friendly person.

Moles on Left knee : You live an extravagant life style.

Moles on Nipple : A fickle nature.

Moles on Back : surmount obstacles in order to achieve desired results.

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Post by: Ranjana on October 10, 2009, 11:02:27 AM
in my view moles are just beauty spots
if they look good keep them
if they make u ugly, get them removed by plastic surgery
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Post by: Star Dust on October 10, 2009, 03:55:47 PM
few people with few moles at certain places have proved that their LUCK is different from others
its upto every individual to test it and believe
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Post by: Sushma on October 16, 2009, 11:42:58 AM
i got mole on lips
what about moles in dark color
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Post by: rishi8011 on October 16, 2009, 04:58:15 PM
A mole on the upper lip represents a person who does good to every one. There will be weakness of ladies and luxurious items. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who loves good food. He will have interest in acting and theatre arts.

A mole on the inner side of the upper lip represents a person skilled in mantras and mystic forces. A mole on the inner side of the lower lip represents a person who becomes a drunkard and losses money on speculation.

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Post by: pravin kumar on January 22, 2010, 09:11:10 PM
Dear Friends,

I do not attach any importance to moles as in Western Palmistry they have no relevance. I read somewhere about moles by Jagjit Uppal, great astrologer, numerologist and palmist.

He mentions in short: Divide whole body into 2 similar parts by drawing an imaginary line from the centre of the top of the scalp right to the centre between two legs. Moles on left side of this imaginary line is inauspicious and on right side it is very auspicious. Mole near upper lip indicates problems in married life and he gave example of a famous yesteryear actress who landed into marriage problems and who had this mole near the upper lip. Logically Lips have connection with love/marriage/sex. So problems regarding all this is certain. If it is on the right side then it is beneficial for the above i.e. love/marriage/sex.

Similarly reason it out: Moles on the left chest: problems with the physical heart. Moles on the left side of the stomach -- digestion problems, moles on the left side of intestine again problems with digestion etc. etc.

In another site I read various interpretations of moles by different members referring various Authors/Sites. To each his own interpretation. I however do not follow moles anywhere.

Pravin Kumar
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Post by: HPG777 on February 22, 2010, 01:07:56 AM
what about people with many moles? i have them on my face and arms and chest and  maybe 2 or 3 on my legs but none on my stomach...what does that mean? here is a picture of part of my face, i have many  =( 

none of them are large (i hope none grow large in the future yikes!) and only 3 stick up, the rest are flat. the one on my upper lip (you can see it in my avatar kinda), the one under my right breast, and a new one on my upper chest are not flat...if anyone know swhat those can mean id appreciate it :)
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Post by: deepa on February 22, 2010, 08:12:14 AM
Hi lori
i observed that many people who have blood(haemoglobin) deficinecy and lack of moisture on skin get dark spots on skin easily and they initially look like moles

you may observe that you were not born with those many moles on skin but moles grew (few disappeared) as you grow
its just a problem of skin/blood
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Post by: DCP on February 22, 2010, 10:09:40 AM
what do you call these spots on her face ?
moles or black spots ?

Title: Some More Information
Post by: HPG777 on February 22, 2010, 10:10:53 AM
she does not have any moles. she has freckles
Title: Some More Information
Post by: DCP on February 22, 2010, 10:15:05 AM
freckles or moles doesnt matter
more moles leads to more doubts and more confusion only
Title: Some More Information
Post by: HPG777 on February 22, 2010, 11:31:43 AM
thanks dcp..sounds right to me  :(  :sigh:
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Post by: pravin kumar on February 22, 2010, 12:30:46 PM

Dear HPG777,

In your image you do not seem to have moles. Moles are more dark. Secondly you look quite beautiful in the photograph you have posted -- side photograph. So why worry. You do not know but there are boys who love beauty in a girl, there are boys who like smartness in the girl and there are boys who will like the girls duty consicous and hard working attitude. There are all types of boys. I have seen very poorly educated boys married to well educated girls and vice versa. All things happen so do not be low on confidence. Whatever the problem walk with your chin up and full confidence in your ability.

There was one girl in another forum who has consulted me and so many others in Palmistry, Astrology, Tarrot and what not from 34 years of age. I always told her that she is impatient. Just because she thinks the boy is interested she goes ahead full stretch with the boy before marriage what should be after marriage.  She has been abused and cheated by quite a few men. I advised her to do a course in meditation which I have done. Ultimately last year she first did a course in Art of Communication and now in October she did the course in Meditation and we met there (neither knew the other by face) and it was just by chance that I asked to see her palm as she had declared to the teacher that she had relationship problems.

I know her palm by heart having seen it since last 6 years several times. Some recent changes occured to her in her palm and she now has a beautiful partner\'s fate line and a very prominent one at that. She is now 40 and this line reflects that the person will come into her life at 40/41. I told her through intuition I expect her to find her match by December end. She already got that boy in December end and although the matter is not finalised it does look to be the same boy as he fits her nature too.

Ultimately this girl has got her patience and with it respect and she no longer comes to me crying with her all heart bared mails. When I met her personally and she introduced herself after she first recognised me, I felt something deep in my heart and I know surely this girl has got the blessings from my heart for her happy future.

We always bless others through our heart and when someone moves you and you are moved emotionally, the tears that pour out give the blessings to that person, who ultimately benefits. I don\'t know whether you will understand this but remember the time when someone did really something good for you. How did you feel? Your heart must have cried with gratefulness for that person. That is the feeling I am trying to describe to you.

God Bless You.

Wonders never cease. Read my 8 Posts on \"My experiences of Life\" posted in Lightworkers forum and see how miracles occur in life.

Pravin Kumar

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Post by: HPG777 on February 23, 2010, 04:17:39 AM
thank u, pravin
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Post by: tara on March 30, 2010, 11:53:58 PM
Please admin move this post if i have listed in wrong topic

hello Friends, I had a question with regard to mole.
I am a Female about 38 yrs old and I have developed a mole recently on my face, the mole is on my upper lip, It is towards right hand side but in middle of my upper lip. does any one know the meaning of such a mole in such a location.

Please show some light and share your thoughts.
i can post the image if that helps
Thank you
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Post by: DCP on March 31, 2010, 10:06:38 AM
is it on lip\'s skin or above lip
Title: Some More Information
Post by: tara on March 31, 2010, 06:17:58 PM
Thanks for moving the thread under right edge DCP,

Also the mole is above lip

NOT on lip\'s skin.
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Sushma on March 31, 2010, 08:51:41 PM
are you feeling jealous about someone posessing something that you feel you are lacking in your life lately
Title: Some More Information
Post by: tara on March 31, 2010, 09:12:48 PM
:-( may be
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Post by: Virinchi on April 08, 2010, 10:37:44 AM
According to the ancient Chinese facial mole studies, not all moles are bad. Most of the moles serve as a warning or reminder so you can be more vigilant to protect yourself from harms, this is especially true for those moles that can be seen easily.

The "good moles" symbolizing good luck and fortune are usually hidden or not easily seen. The color of mole is darker than skin. Moles have dark black, black, light black, gray, brown, purple and red colors. The pure color of black or red are good moles. Moles mixing with red, white or yellow colors are unlucky signs in people relationship. A shining and smooth mole with good brightness is considered as good mole. A mole with hair indicates the mole is alive, which is a sign of good mole. A male should keep the hair. A female can trim it.

If you consider getting rid of the mole on your face, check the reading before you do. You may come to appreciate it more. Also removing the mole will not change your fate, but knowing what challenges that may come will help you handle it better.


 Find the location of the mole from the picture, and check the reading below.

   1. Cannot get along with parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.

   2. Same to 1. No respect to parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.

   3. Same to 1. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.

   4. Lack of planning, and have unstable life.

   5. (above the eyebrow) . May encounter misfortune brought on by family or friends, or may have bad luck with money.

   6. (in the eyebrow) . Very smart, creative or artistic. Will have wealth and fame, and have good luck with money.

   7. (on the eyelid) . Tend to have conflicts with family, and have problem keeping money.

   8. Have financial hardship. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances.

   9. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent accidents.

  10. Unlikely to have or to be with children or grandchildren.

  11. Tend to be troubled by long term or severe illness.

  12. Tend to have problems related to diet or food.

  13. Always worry and work hard for children, but may not be able to enjoy a good relationship with them.

  14. Have high risk of food poisoning or allergy.

  15. Do not reside at one place for long, move around a lot or have unstable environment.

  16. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent food poisoning or diet problems.

  17. Be cautious with your actions to prevent loosing good reputation.

  18. Be mindful of your well being when traveling abroad.

  19. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances.

  20. Life may be short, so live it to the fullest. Avoid any criminal acts.

  21. Tend to have foot problems. Need to prevent water-related accidents.

  22. Need to prevent accidents while traveling.

  23. Prominent and rich.
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Ravi Varma on April 08, 2010, 10:55:57 PM
interesting info
what about other body parts
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Sushma on May 08, 2010, 12:40:49 PM
in general moles of left part of woman\'s body and right part of man\'s body are good for them.
Also moles are formed based on placement of saturn and rahu in chart
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Ranjana on May 25, 2010, 12:42:08 PM
this is great info
post about moles on other body parts too
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Ranjana on July 06, 2010, 10:41:48 AM
ok i found some more info about body moles

Moles on the Body

Many Facial moles have corresponding moles on the other part of body. For example, a mole on the eyebrow, you might find a mole on the shoulder or hands. A mole on the cheek, then you might find one mole on the chest. A mole around the mouth, then you should find a corresponding mole on the symmetrical position in the private parts. Most of moles inside the body are good ones, since they are hidden.

A mole in red color on the chest is a good mole. It implies passion, generous, love and good relationship with children.

A mole on the buttocks hints the person with enthusiasm, vitality, meeting people and money luck.

A mole on the back indicates a person with outgoing personality with strong communication skill.

A mole on the lower leg implies working hard, responsible personality for business and family.

Moles on the palm are all good moles, which shouldn\'t be removed.

Moles on the neck around Adam\'s apple implies the person has hard time to get along with family.

A mole around navel with red color represents the person is a gourmet. It is also a good sign of fortune and wisdom.

A mole on the shoulder hints the person needs to work hard for the family and have more argument than people.

The Beauty Mark is a bigger size\'s mole near eyes and month areas. It\'s near round, smooth and sleek color. Some bigger moles are prominent a little bit. But if the skin is protruding too much, then that might be a wart. The Beauty Mark should be only one on the face. A Beauty Mark is easy to catch people\'s eyes. Many people show the Beauty Mark near the mouth. A mole around month indicates the sign of eloquence, gossip and disputes. It also implies the symbol of desire, passion and erotic.
Title: Some More Information
Post by: hitarth18 on September 10, 2010, 02:37:31 AM
Hi all,

Some great information sharing here

I have a question -

I have a mole on my head. With head i mean on my skull under hairs. The place where brahmins keep their \"Choti\". Not easily seen. I myself came to know about it when recently i had to remove my hair as my grand pa expired. May have developed recently.

Anyhow, does it mean anything ? Its quite big in size and brownish in color.  

Title: Some More Information
Post by: hitarth18 on September 11, 2010, 02:38:44 PM
Hi all,

Just found this website -

some good information on moles and its interpretations... :)
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Post by: OMkaar on September 11, 2010, 03:14:39 PM
A mole in the middle of the scalp will make the person very wealthy
Title: Some More Information
Post by: orangeprince on March 10, 2011, 04:31:25 PM
Well well astrology palmistry numerology tarot and now moles so in astrology or palmistry if a person would lead life in wealth is predicted and in moles or palmistry if its seen as he would have a difficult life regarding finances so what would be the outcome?
Title: Some More Information
Post by: gauranggroups on April 30, 2011, 01:31:11 AM
Hey Guys,

This is really interesting. Not only in Chinese, we were also having the same stuff in our olden days. It was called as \"Samuthrika Lakshanam\". Mole Shastra was a part of this Shastra. But now a days, no one is a real expert in this.
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Post by: champeya on May 17, 2011, 03:26:31 PM
I have a mole kind of thing on inner side of the left thumb. But it appears to be thick dark sometimes unable to see it.
Title: Some More Information
Post by: Sushma on June 24, 2011, 09:54:48 PM
i guess moles on skin are not permanent like lines in palm
Title: Some More Information
Post by: vhk on August 11, 2011, 11:17:06 AM
me too had the same doubt  like they might not be permanent when a mole on my cheek started getting blur when my complexion was getting brighter