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Natural remedies of planets

Started by Castro, January 23, 2017, 09:20:39 PM

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To possibly have better karma with women:

-respect women and in mind too
-protect women
-take care of mother nature
-see op


As stated in last posts it's best to live humble, be hard working (or you may not reap good karma in next life), respectful and spiritual.

Abstain from pettiness, low minded behaviour or you will be that.

Sometimes if someone who is arrogant, big headed in this lifetime will be humbled in a other lifetime or it in the future.


In western astrology true node which is rahu and south node which is Katy represents past life.

The house and the sign.

So if south node is in Gemini someone may have been very critical, said harsh words, critical, judgemental or you yourself.

Scorpio means trauma, abuse, power, other peoples values etc.


Being h humble and loving you can attract nice things .

Someone with trauma in a previous l lifetime may have a very nice life i n this lifetime.