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Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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k5 hair tincture

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Easy methods to RE-Grow hair on Bald head
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Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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they stopped manufacturing K5

after all above food, doing anulom vilom breathing and kapalbhati pranayam will help you topump new fresh blood to scalp and also oxygen, which will help retain hair and strengthen its roots


Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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K5 is stopped for unknown reasons but folica hair tincture can be used
alternatly using 1 spoon honey mixed with 1 spoon cinnamon powder and these 2 mixed into warm olive oil should be applied to scalp area where there is recent hairloss


Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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Following are some of the less commonly known and yet astonishingly simple hair loss remedies. They are absolutely natural with zero side effects.

   1.      Rubbing your left and right hand nails with each other is a powerful hair loss solution and causes faster hair growth. It is extremely simple yet very effective. You need to fold both your palms inwards and place the fingernails of both hands against each other. Then with regular swift motions, rub them against each other. There are nerve endings below the nails which are connected to your scalp. This rubbing procedure increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps in strengthening the roots. It not only helps in curbing hair loss, but also leads to regrowth of lost hair in people suffering from baldness or alopecia areata. And if that is not good enough, it also brings back the color naturally thus getting rid of the problem of gray hair. Trust me, it is the best thing you could do for your hair. It is simple and can be done anywhere anytime. Do it for about 5-7 minutes twice a day. It is tried and tested and will definitely show results. You need to be patient though. You will begin to notice a difference in about a month and by the end of 6 months you would probably be successful in ridding yourself of all your hair problems.

   2.      Coconut milk is another magic potion for your hair. Take a dry coconut and grate it. Grind to a fine paste and then sieve through a soft fine cloth to collect the milk of the coconut. Make around 1-2 cups of milk depending on the length of your hair. Apply the milk on the scalp and hair and leave to dry. Keep it for about 2 hrs and then rinse your hair with normal water (do not apply shampoo). This will leave the pure coconut oil in your hair. Keep the oil for 24 hours and shampoo the following day. This process will make your hair softer and smoother to touch and you will see an almost immediate drastic reduction in your rate of hair loss. For chronic cases of hair loss, do this once a week. Eventually once the problem is resolved completely, you can do this once in 2 or 3 weeks. It helps not only in reducing hair fall but also improves the overall health and texture of hair.

   3.      Massage your scalp with a good hair oil at least twice a week. Be careful not to be too harsh. Use your finger tips to gently stimulate the blood vessels on your scalp.

   4.      Add small pieces of a medium sized onion to a cup of rum. Leave for 24 hours. Remove the onion pieces and massage your scalp with the rum. This helps cure hair loss and induces faster hair growth.

   5.      For long, black, thick and shiny hair, mix sesame oil or olive oil in juice of bottle gourd and apply to hair. This helps prevent grey hair and hair fall and is very good for the overall health of hair.

   6.      Mix one cup of brandy and one egg well. Apply this on the scalp and massage gently for some time. Leave on for about a half hour to one hour. Shampoo off. This encourages the growth of hair and is a good hair loss remedy.

   7.      Mix coconut, mustard and castor oil in equal quantities. Apply this on the scalp and massage gently at night at least once a week. Leave overnight. Shampoo in the morning. This is a very nutritious combination for the hair and is a good hair loss treatment.

   8.      Reetha, Amla and Shikakai: You will need to source these three herb powders in equal quantities by weight. Reetha (English Name: Soap Nut, Botanical Name: Sapindus mucorosai), Amla (English Name: Indian Gooseberry, Botanical Name: Phyllanthus amblica) and Shikakai (English Name: Acacia, Botanical Name: Acacia Concinna ) are well known for their hair nourishment qualities. Mix all three in equal quantities and store in a cool dry place. Once a week, soak about 2 – 3 tablespoons (depending on the length of your hair) of this powder in water overnight. In the morning, strain the water through a fine cloth and apply on your scalp and hair. Keep for a half hour and then rinse off with plain water. These herbs have astonishing hair rejuvenation qualities. Apart from stopping hair loss, they make the hair lustrous, black, strong and smooth.

   9.      Soak 2 tsp of fenugreek flour overnight in water and then apply the paste on the head. Leave for half an hour. Rinse out with warm water. This helps in reducing dandruff as well as hair loss.

  10.      Boil the leaves of celery and mint for 20 minutes in water. Strain and let it cool. Applying this water on hair everyday makes the roots strong and arrests hair loss and induces hair growth.

  11.      Regular exercise can work wonders to reduce hair loss and induce hair growth. Cardiovascular exercises that get your heart rate to go up increase blood supply to all parts of the body including the scalp. It also helps remove toxins from the body.

  12.      Maintain a regular bowel movement. Constipation should not be allowed to continue and immediate corrective action should be taken. There are natural mild laxatives available that can be taken at bed time. This helps keep the blood clean the reduces toxicity in the body.

  13.      Gently rub coconut oil cultured with hibiscus flowers twice a week into the roots of the hair. This nourishes the roots and makes the hair strong, long and shiny.

  14.      Take fuller’s earth in a bowl, put water in it and mix well. Leave it aside for 2 hours. After 2 hours mix it well again with a spoon and add water to reach a consistency apt for applying on the scalp and hair. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair and gently massage the scalp for some minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with water. Then leave your hair to dry. This gives a lot of shine and bounce to the hair and makes them very silky to touch.

  15.      Apply a mixture of coconut water with little lemon juice to the hair to prevent them from falling. Leave on for half an hour and then wash as usual.

  16.      Boil one cup of nasturtium leaves in water for 20 minurtes. Let it cool and then strain. Apply this with a cotton swab everyday to the scalp. This helps nourish the hair and cure hair loss.

  17.      Soak dry gooseberries and fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Grind to a paste in the morning. Use it as a shampoo while washing hair. This makes the roots strong and is a good hair loss remedy.

  18.      Meditation. Now I hardly need to stress on the importance of meditation. Stress and tension is the most common cause of hair loss today. So it would be right to cure the root of the problem. In our fast moving lives, it is essential to take out 15 minutes for ourselves to maintain our peace of mind. It may not be possible for you to meditate for an hour everyday. It isn’t for most people. Here is a practical alternative. Choose a nice clean and quiet corner of your house where nobody would disturb you. Slowly close your eyes and filter out all thoughts from your mind. This may be extremely difficult to achieve at first, but keep persevering. Concentrate on your breath. Feel the air moving across your upper lip. While inhaling, think that you are taking in all the positive energy from the environment and while exhaling, you are removing all the negative energy from your body. Do this for 15 minutes. It is not easy to concentrate for 15 minutes on the first day, start with 5 minutes and slowly build it up over some days. Go beyond 15 minutes if time permits. After the session, open your eyes slowly. You are sure to feel peaceful and calm inside. Everyday practice will relieve you of stress and tension. This will help not only in the cure for hair loss, but also many other problems that are caused by stress. It should be as important a routine as eating and sleeping for us. Though difficult, the results will make you feel it was all worth it.

If you collectively do some or most of the tips described above, it will surely help in reducing your hair loss drastically.

Hair Loss Prevention

Preventing hair loss is entirely in your hands. Maintain a healthy diet with good vitamin rich nutritious food. Avoid alcohol, smoking, excessively oily and greasy food and excessively spicy and sour food. Have regular eating and sleeping habits to prevent hair loss. Avoid stress and staying up late. Maintain a good hair care regimen. Avoid chemical treatments on your hair. Do not wear your hair very tight as that can strain the hair roots and lead to hair loss. In case of hair loss due to a certain medication, consult your doctor and ask him to suggest an alternative. Maintain good hygiene of your scalp. Use a mild shampoo and do not let your conditioner come in contact with your scalp. All these precautions can help avoid hair loss altogether.  
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Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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steps 1 and 2 are enough for most cases of hair loss
have more protein food and biotin supplementing food daily and follow those 2 steps
in 5-6 months you\'ll get back lost hair also


Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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hi virinchi. thanks for that post
i tried coconut milk yesterday and washed hair today
it was sticky like oiled yesterday but today i feel it smooth and strong

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Easy methods to RE-Grow hair on Bald head
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Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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you try same twice a week for 4 weeks and you\'ll see new hair growth
after you clean hair with water, tie a cotton towel around head covering all hair and tie it tight.
remove it after 15-20 mins
this will pump blood into scalp area and you\'ll feel fresh


Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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Lot of answers have been given. But my question is did anyone try any of these methods and found significant change? I just started doing the fingernails rubbing and i could clearly feel blood flow to my scalp. But just curious if any one regrew hair on their bald heads, that will be very encouraging to read and will give us confidence in continuing the regime.

Ravi Varma

Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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radish juice rubbing and finger nails friction worked for me.
my hair density is now 30% more than what it was 6 months back.

i would recommend two more easy methods which Virinchi told me long back as alternatives.

1. if you can\'t find radish and make fresh juice daily, then get red onions and make their juice and add 1 spoon honey and rub it on bald scalp daily.
after 1-2 hours, wash it with water boiled with triphala churnam in it.
within 4-5 months, hair will grow.

2nd method i\'ll post in dandruff control topic as for its permanent removal


Natural Cure for Hair Loss
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thats good to hear...but what about hair on completely bald area...did you have growth there also?

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