Author Topic: How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?  (Read 5271 times)


How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
« on: March 18, 2011, 08:59:02 PM »
Learned Members.

As Diabetic is Hereditary in my family.Few days ago I checked in the Lab by god grace result came as Normal..but chances are more.

Now I need to know if there is any medicine in Ayurveda - to prevent Diabeties and To reduce Cholesterol levels in my Blood.

I am just entered in 40\'s

Please let me know,



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How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
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How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
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for diabetes, use search button in main site and also along with those tips, have 1 litre fresh orange daily and walk for 5 kms early in morning


How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
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first and foremost thing to do is to quit eating white rice and start with brown rice


How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
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As a precautionary measure, try to consult a Homeopathy Doctor or an Acupuncture Doctor and get the treatment for this. This is called as \'Constitutional Medicine\' in Homeopathy and \'Pulse Balancing\' in Acupuncture. There are no side effects in Alternative Medicines like Allopathy (English Medicines). Also they won\'t charge much. Hence it\'s better to consult any one of them.

As per Acupuncture, \'Sour Taste\' is the cause of \'Sugar\'.  Means Sour Taste foods like Tamarind, Tomato, Pickles, Curd and Milk are the fuels of Sugar. Hence avoid taking them now itself. If u have the habit of taking Tea regularly, stop it now itself. You can see people around you who are having diabetes. They won\'t intake Sweets, but still the Sugar level will not come down. If you observe them properly, they wouldn\'t have stopped taking Tea / Coffee and Curd with their meals.  If you ask them, they\'ll say that they are taking Coffee / Tea without Sugar. From this you can understand that \'Sugar\' is triggered only by \'Sour\'.
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How to Prevent Diabeties and Cholestrol...?
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i\'ve seen one ayurvedic doctor prescribing karela(bittergourd) juice , 100 ml /day in morning on empty stomach to keep blood sugar level under control and it worked on his patients
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