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remedies for stomach diseases
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for peptic(stomach) ulcers n stinking mouths:

pillapichara(satavari roots/asparagus) -100g, aamla-100g,dates-100g, white seasam-100g, raisan(kissmiss)-100g, athimaduram -100g, jaggery -600g.

1. clean n dry the ingredients n powder.
2. grinde raisan n jaggery. it turns into paste.
3. now add powders to this paste. it is now looks like paste.
4. make small tabs kinda balls .
5. have a tab morning/evening in vd a glass of milk.

2. vaisvanara churnam : for all anti stomach diseases:

saindhava lavanam -10g, vamu- 20g, aajamodham -30g, pippallu -40g,sonti-50g,karrakkai- 150g(seedless)

1. powder all with seedless.
2. have 1/2spoon of powder witha glass of luke warm water 2hrs later of dinner.

benifits from both meds:  removes constipation, acidity. improves hunger n digestion. frees from all stomach related diseases


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remedies for stomach diseases
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remedies for stomach diseases
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to increase hunger :

pippallu-50g,vamu-50g,sonti-50g,pepper-50g,saindhava lavanam-50g

powder all n mix well.

add a spn of powder in a glass of sour buttermilk n have daily 2hrs b4 dinner/lunch

pravin kumar

remedies for stomach diseases
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i didnt understand those words


remedies for stomach diseases
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those are medicines ingredients names. who cares of thr names if it rily works??

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