Zubitin - best Biotin supplement capsule to stop Hair Loss

Started by deepa, November 08, 2010, 11:44:49 AM

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Normally our body needs 30-35 mcg biotin per day and sometimes more if we get sick.

If there\'s biotin deficiency, hair becomes weak and starts falling.
even eye lashes fall frequently.

To cover this up, we need supplements having 150-300 mcg biotin /day.

The best biotin supplement available for indians is ZUBITIN, which comes as a 30 capsule bottle for approximately Rs.155.

1 capsule/day along with meal during day is enough to make your hair stronger in 1 month.

If you feel more is required , continue for 1 more month.

each capsule of zubitin has 10mg biotin

[1mg = 1000 mcg]


for north americans, they can order Nutrilite daily(which has 300 mcg biotin in each capsule)

or Nutrilite® Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails , which has 1000 mcg biotin/capsule.

I\'ve tried this during pregancy hairloss and recovered all lost hair.

this should be about $19/bottle


this was easily found
will post feedback after i use for a month


10mg/capsule is too much i guess
may be we need to take in 1 capsule/alternate day


i heard that biotin can stop premature greying of hair too
so thats good news



Ur information is quite interesting. Where to get the Zubitin/ Biotin tablets and whats the price?? I am from Bangalore.